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Wisdom Form

Wisdom Form (ウィズダムフォーム Wizudamu Fōmu?) is a Drive Form which appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It uses Donald Duck, who represents Sora's potential to use powers other than his strength and consumes three of Sora's Drive Bars. It represents Sora's magic[1] and is obtained when Sora completes Timeless River.


Wisdom Form is unlocked after completing Timeless River. In Wisdom Form, Sora specializes in magic, with all of his spells becoming stronger. In Wisdom Form, the Attack Command changes from 'Attack' to 'Shoot'. This enables Sora to target enemies, and fire shots at them from great distances, as well as pierce frontal defenses (such as those of the Large Body or Fat Bandit). The strength of the shot is based on Sora's Magic Value. In Wisdom Form, Sora glides along the ground, moves 40% faster, and the maximum ground combo is increased by 1, but Sora cannot perform midair combos. However, Sora can use magic and items while moving. Furthermore, Sora in Wisdom Form has an extremely fast casting speed.

  • Growth Ability The Growth Ability for Wisdom Form is Quick Run, which is helpful for dodging enemy attacks, or just moving around quickly. This is helpful for a fast getaway from enemies if Sora is low on HP. The distance of the run can be increased by 370% of Sora's normal running speed.
Quick Run Level Distance Duration
N/A 100% N/A
Level 1 150% N/A
Level 2 190% 0.3 sec.
Level 3 220% 0.4 sec.
MAX 370% 0.5 sec.
  • Form Level Wisdom Form gains 1 experience for each Heartless defeated, no matter how strong the enemy is. However, experience will not be gained if Pirates and Nobodies are defeated in Wisdom Form. As Wisdom Form levels up, Sora gains the ability to use Quick Run in his normal form.
Form Level Experience Bonus Wisdom Form Bonus Sora
1 0 Quick Run Level 1 N/A
2 20 Form Gauge +1 Auto Wisdom
3 80 Form Gauge +1, Quick Run Level 2 Quick Run Level 1
4 152 Form Gauge +1 MP Rage
5 242 Form Gauge +1, Quick Run Level 3 Quick Run Level 2
6 350 Form Gauge +1 MP Haste
7 500 Form Gauge +1, Quick Run MAX Quick Run Level 3

Magic Mechanics

In this form, aside changing from attacking to shooting, Sora performs his magics differently with exception of cure magic:

  • Fire magic can be used while moving, so Sora can ram himself into the enemy while surrounded by the fire instead of waiting for the enemies to come closer.
  • Blizzard magic can be used while moving too, however the magic finisher is different, Sora will shoot five directional ices that will home to the locked on enemy.
  • Thunder magic, aside can be used while moving, the thunder blast radius will be increased, also as for finisher, Sora will summon multiple thunders.
  • Reflect magic can be used while moving, also Sora can cast it quicker than normal and the shield radius will increased when doing the finishing move.
  • Magnet magic also can be used while moving, however the magnet orb will deal multiple hits to the sucked enemies.


Wisdom Form turns Sora's clothing blue and black, with blue flames on his pants and sleeves. The Wisdom Form is one of the two drive forms that wield only one Keyblade, the other one being Limit Form, which is only available in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. In any world while in Wisdom Form, specks of light hover around Sora's legs. There is also a blue magical mist surrounding Sora's feet that turns into two light blue wisps, one rising from each foot when Sora slides across landscape.

Sora's ability to slide across the ground covers his entire body with him sliding across the ground on his back during some combos. The only time Sora actually stands is when he lands from a jump. These wisps circle Sora in a manner similar to a double helix when Sora is stationary. Sora moves acrobatically in this form, spinning the Keyblade idly behind his back when not moving, and flipping around when shooting magic bullets. He also tosses the Keyblade into the air when he jumps, catching it when he reaches his height.

The official artwork shows Sora's sleeves with blue flames, but in-game the sleeves have the same design as the Master Form's. This seems to be a mistake, as Square-Enix changed the sleeves in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix back to the original blue flames.

  • Timeless River: Sora's health icon gets a light blue tint.
  • Halloween Town: Sora's mask changes into one that resembles a Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series.
  • Christmas Town: A blue flame appears on Sora's santa hat and on the back of his shirt.
  • Space Paranoids: Sora's circuit lines turn a darker shade of blue.


Ability Description
Wisdom Shot The attack command becomes shoot, allowing Sora to fire projectiles at the enemies.
Mobile Action Actions can be executed while moving.
Magic Haste Magic spells requires less time to execute, thus allowing faster Magic combos.
Magic Spice Magic combo finishers are powered up, either inflicting more damage or curing more HP.
Retaliating Slash When knocked into the air, pressing square will allow Sora to spray several Wisdom shots down on enemies.
Quick Run Sora performs a quick dash on the ground.
Combo Plus 1 added attack to prolong ground combos.
MP Hastega MP recharges 1.75 times faster than normal.


The Wisdom Form gains one experience for every defeated Heartless. An important fact to note is that Mushroom XIII, despite being Heartless, do not give Wisdom Form experience.

To increase the amount of spells the Wisdom Form can use, one can equip either the Ultima Weapon (which has the MP Hastega ability) or the Circle of Life (which has MP Haste). Since the Wisdom Form already has the innate MP Hastega ability, equipping either or both of those Keyblades can increase Sora's MP restoring capabilities to staggering amounts. Alternatively, Oathkeeper is a great Keyblade to use, as it has the Form Boost ability, which makes the Drive Gauge last longer.

A good place to level up Wisdom Form is at the Fragment Crossing in The World That Never Was, due to the extremely large volume of eaily defeated Heartless that appear there. Other recommended options include the Chasm of Challenges in Agrabah (where one can utilize the nearby Save Point to refill the Drive Gauge) and the Timeless River Windows to the Past, where there are large congregations of low-level Heartless and a world exit nearby. A second option in Timeless River is to travel between the Pier and the world exit, extending your path to include both the Waterway and, eventually, the Wharf, as your drive duration increases. A combination of Magnet and Thunder will make short work of the enemies here.

Another quick way to level up Wisdom Form is to play through the the Solar Sailor in Space Paranoids. If Sora is still in Wisdom Form upon completion, the Drive Gauge will completely refill, allowing you repeat the process.

Notes and references

  1. Yen Sid's mirror: "An image of you utilizing your magic to its fullest flows into your mind."

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