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Wheel Master

Wheel Master

Wheel Master BBSFM

Enemy Type Unversed
Role Boss
Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Home World Enchanted Dominion
Katakana ホイールマスター
Romaji Hoīru Masutā

The Wheel Master is an enemy which can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

Journal EntriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts Birth By SleepEdit

They say danger always looms close, and this baddie from Enchanted Dominion took that to a whole new level. To attack, the Wheel Master used...wait for it...its wheel. Also thread. But what cruel timing, tearing up the audience chamber right while Terra was in the midst of his pangs of remorse! Not very nice at all.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepEdit

Maleficent, temporarily controlling the darkness within Terra's heart, causes the Keyblade wielder to steal a sleeping Princess Aurora's heart. Maleficent then attempts to recruit Terra to her side by offering him information about Master Xehanort, but Terra refuses. His and Maleficent's discussion is interrupted by a tremor that erupts throughout the castle. Maleficent declares that as a "peacekeeper", Terra is doing a lousy job before she finally vanishes. Terra runs down to the throne room to face the Wheel Master, ending up as the victor in their battle.


The Wheel Master is a large Unversed resembling a spinning wheel. Its main body is comprised of a long, red column with its black head placed near the top. The tip of the column has three silver spikes on it, and its left side is lined by a few spikes as well. A long, bent, red arm with black joint connects a large, black wheel to the top of the column. This wheel has five red spokes in it and five white spikes on its outer edge. A similar, but shorter arm is attached to the main column just below the Wheel Master’s head, and ends in a large, black, claw-like spool with gold wire wrapped around it. A wide, flat, brown protrusion attaches to the main column just above the base and connects to two of the Unversed's legs. Its third leg is connected to the base of the column on the opposite side as the other two. Its red eyes are set in a sorrowful expression and the Unversed insignia is displayed on the base of the column.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, the Wheel Master receives a recoloration. Its body is now mostly white, its spikes are purple with its body composed of gold highlights, and its claw-like spool is now silver with dark green wire.


  • The Wheel Master was the only boss available for battle in Terra's demo at the DKΣ3713 event in Japan; as such, the Wheel Master was also the first Unversed boss to be shown to the public.
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