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Weapon Gummis, also known as "Cannon Gummis", are Gummi Pieces that shoot a quick, powerful laser at the enemy ship. Adding multiple Weapon Gummis to your Gummi Ship can increase the capability of your ship's strength. However, you can only have ten Weapon Gummis of any type on one Gummi Ship. The names of these three Weapon Gummis are named off of the a set of spells from the Final Fantasy video game series that utilized the element of Thunder. These spells also appear in Kingdom Hearts.


The Thunder-G is the most basic of the Weapon Gummis. It fires a very simple shot at the target. Although it may not seem very powerful, they hold quite a lot of power in quantity. Thunder-G are somewhat common to find in treasure chests in Kingdom Hearts. They are primarily by default red, and are secondarily white. The cannon is black. Thunder-G can be purchased from Cid in Traverse Town for 500 Munny.


  • Size: 1x1x2
  • Max: 10
  • Price: 500
  • Armor: 25
  • Power: 50
  • Power Use: 0


The Thundara-G is a very interesting Weapon Gummi. Positively, the weapon fires shots much more powerful and in more quantity than the Thunder-G. However, all of the shots are diagonal, which may be difficult for some. Placed flat on the ship, it will fire left and right, never straight. However, one can be placed on its side to fire up and down. The Thundara-G is primarily by default red, and are secondarily white. The cannon is black, and has three outings, whereas the Thunder-G only had one. Thundara-G can be purchased from Cid in Traverse Town for 1000 Munny.


  • Size: 1x1x2
  • Max: 8
  • Price: 1000
  • Armor: 30
  • Power: 75
  • Power Use: 0


The Thundaga-G is the most powerful Weapon Gummi. Its shots are even more powerful than the shots of the Thundara-G, however it is slower. It fires a rocket-type projectile like some enemy ships do. Thundaga-G are extremely difficult and rare to find, besides purchasing them. By default, this Weapon Gummi is primarily red with a white trim, and the cannon is black. Thundaga-G can be purchased from Cid in Traverse Town for 1500 Munny.


  • Size: 1x1x3
  • Max: 6
  • Price: 1500
  • Armor: 35
  • Power: 100
  • Power Use: 0

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