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As you arrive, you notice Alice is in trouble. Fight the Heartless and she'll reveal that she's forgotten her memory. What you need to do is look for Inklings, pieces of memory scattered around. You need to get every Inkling to it's rightfull owner so they can remember. The first Inkling is right in sight. Take it and go talk to Alice. Give it to her and she'll remember her name. Now let's look around for some more Inklings so we can take to Alice...

But Alice is not the only person who's lost her memory. The White Rabbit and a Card Soldier have lost them as well! They lie in the Tea Party Garden and in the Hedge Maze.

Here is a list of all the Inklings. Look around Wonderland and you're sure to find these places. Decoy means it serves for nothing.

Inkling Location Owner
Alice In the Southeast corner of the clearing. Alice
Card Soldiers In the Northwest corner of the aimless path. Alice
Unbirthday Examine the sign on the North wall of the Tea Party Garden. Alice
Mad Hatter Examine door in the Northwest corner of the Tea Party Garden. Alice
Watch Complete Aimless Path System Sector. White Rabbit
White Rabbit In the Northwest Corner of the Hedge Maze. Alice
Cheshire Cat On the Chimney against the East wall of the Bizzare Room. Alice
Cookie On the table in the Southwest corner of the Bizzare Room. Decoy
Doorknob Complete the Bizzare Room System Sector. Alice
Peculiar Hole In the South part of the Lotus Forest. Alice
Heartless Near the Southwestern exit of the Lotus Forest. Decoy
Queen of Hearts Help the Ace of Spades Card Soldier in the Hedge Maze. Alice
Red Roses In the Southeastern area of the Rose Garden. Decoy
Looking-Glass In the Southwestern area of the Rose Garden. Decoy
White Roses In the North-middle section of the Rose Garden. Card Soldier
Trial Help the White Rabbit in the Tea Party Garden. Alice

After giving Alice her four first Inklings (Give the rest for a Cure +1), You'll head to the Queen of Hearts' court. Upon arrival, she will acuse Sora and Alice of stealing her memory. Sora obviously tells her that it was the Bugs that caused that, and she will say that you two have an army of insects. That's a joke on itself. The queen summons her guards, and Alice tells you the Keyhole is up in a birdcage. Now you'll be in a small maze with the guards. You'll be right next to a tower. Attack the lever next to you to lower the birdcage. Once it's all the way down, head to the other side and hit the other lever. After that, the birdcage will be down. Get near it and examine the Keyhole. If any cards try to attack you while you're doing this, give them a combo and they'll be knocked out.

Inside the Keyhole, you'll be... well, I don't really know where you are. It's some kind of shooter game. Obviously press A to shoot and press X to use a special. You'll get all the other instructions there. First level is fairly easy, untill you see the Trickmaster, which is also easy, with all his attacks being dodgeable by moving to the side or jumping. The next round is the exact same thing, exept in some moments where it tilts to the side, which doesn't do any harm. In the third level, it's actually the same thing! The boss in the end is as easy as he was before, but just for the heck of it...

Trickmaster KH
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy


Applying to all of his forms, the strategy of this boss is really easy, and his attacks can be noticed by his actions (Credit to

  • Red: The Trickmaster shoots fireballs at Sora, shoots out a line of fire, or sends out spinning balls of flame.
  • Purple: The Trickmaster summon obstacles
  • Light Purple, with a Red core: The Trickmaster will jump and flip the scenery
  • The Trickmaster will make himself catch on fire, and throw flaming rocks that home in on you. This can be avoided with Dodge Roll.

All of them can be dodged by jumping, dodge rolling or moving away. When he's not attacking, hammer A to launch thousands of fireballs at him. Don't be afraid to use Specials, but not all of them: He's imune to Thunder, Blizzard and Aero don't hurt him, so it leaves Fireball to take him down. And... that about covers it. Sorry for a so short Strategy, but it's really all I've got.

After that...

Lady Luck KHRECLady Luck

I couldn't even finish.


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