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After being sucked by that thing in the sky, you arrive at this town. You'll imeadiatly have a conversation with Cid, who'll tell you the triplets are missing. First, go to the 2nd District and head foreward all the way untill you beat your brain in a big white building. Go right to find Huey. Defeat all the Heartless that come and Huey will give you a piece of something. Do what he said and head to a door to the left of where you arrived (Look on the map if you have doubts). Once you get there, go foreward up two breakable blocks to climb up to a balcony. Dewey is on the balcony next to the one you are. After you find him, he'll run off to the 2nd District to find something. Fight the Heartless again to see some blocks going into a portal. Turns out it's a backdoor. After you finish the sistem sector, Dewey will present you another piece of the thing and will try to run. Don't leave him off there, take him to Cid's (In front of the Accessory Shop at the 1st District), who will be happy to see him. Now let's find Louie, in the 3rd District. Make your way to the 2nd... WHA? The door's gone! The backdoor is right behind you. Just run foreward and it will appear on the Accessory Shop building. After that, the door will reopen. Head to the 3rd District and fight the Heartless there. After that, follow the stranger into the 1st District. Follow him to a system sector. After that, talk to Cid again and head to the 2nd District. Find yet ANOTHER system sector to debug the building and after that, climb on it to save Louie. Head to the 1st District again to find the stranger! He'll give you the last piece to make... The Keyhole! Go inside it.

Inside the Keyhole is a side-scrolling adventure like Mario. Nothing much to say. Just make your way through the levels. In the last one, though, it will look nothing like Traverse Town. Grab a cilinder containing Thunder Rain and move on to find...

Guard Armor
Guard Armor KH
HP: 120
Difficulty: Easy


You remembered to get the Thunder Rain as I told you, right? If you did, then you did well, because it's a great way to beat this boss. Since you only have this one command, don't waste it. Use it only when you have little HP and there are blocks all around you. All of his attacks can be dodged with running. One in particular is when he brings up a fireball from his torso. When that happens, go below him immeadiately. He will shoot a death ray that will sent you flying. One thing I must say is that you may have HP problems through this fight. When that happens, wait untill he brings up blocks. When that happens, use Thunder Rain, because there will always be a Prize block in there somewhere, and Thunder Rain does not only hurt the enemy, but breaks the Prize block, releasing the HP.

You win a Keyblade! Yippie!

Wishing Star KHRECWishing Star

After that, you're off!


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