Destiny Islands Logo KH

You're data. Simply that. King Mickey and the gang from Disney Castle have evoked you to save all the worlds.

Inside a paper journal that is.

Destiny Islands

We awake in the Dive to the Heart. Go foreward. 3 items shall appear and you'll have to pick them. I suggest to get the Sword and give the Staff. Suddenly, a man in a black coat will appear. Do what Mickey says, and follow him to the next floor and fight the Heartless there. You'll win a Level Up chip, and the game will teach you how to install it. Also, look at the Difficulty thingamagigger. For this Walkthrough, I'll leave it at Standard, but you can change it as you see fit. Head towards the Save Point and then open the door.

Now were on a beach. Walk foreward to talk to Selphie, who will tell you about the Blocks. Head even further to talk to Wakka, who will tell you of a Block he's never seen before. Head up to it to reveal that it's a PRIZE BLOCK! It contains a Treasure that you'll install, since after you install it you get Scan. Wakka will tell you to go find Tidus. For that, climb on the shack near you and find... THE CLOAKED MAN! He'll pass through a closed door, which is actually our first Sistem Sector!

Note: We do not do Walkthroughs inside the Sistem Sectors, unless it's very important.

After that, a bridge will pop out of nowhere, revealing Tidus, who want's to fight for the info he's got on the blocks. Treat him like an enemy. Tidus will tell you that the stranger went to the secret place by the waterfall. Make your way there and everything will start to rumble. A new message will appear in the Journal. The stranger will return. You'll find then a Keyhole. Walk through it.

Darkside KH
HP: 240
Difficulty: Easy


Since this is the first boss, it makes sense he would be easy. He has 3 forms: First is normal. All of his attacks can be dodged by running and his HP is pittifull, and it can be taken out when his arms approach you. Second is block arms. Now he'll only give normal punches (How hard to dodge!), and his arms will be have 3 blocks stuck to them. Break the 3 and his head'll drop down and you can take his HP. Last, and the hardest, is when he himself turns into a block. He'll be surounded by blocks that hurt you. Once they spread, attack! All the blocks can be dodged. Oh! and sometimes they'll launch away a Prize block, so pay attention! Now that we've got out of his attacks, what do you do? Use all of your commands anytime you can in battle.

After that you'll be sucked into...


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