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Recoded Logo PKH

Hi! I'm RoadToDawn! You were sucked into the digital world of terrible platforming and I have to guide you. Why? To spend time until KH2.5 arrives and I can make my MASTERPIECE! Anyway, this is my second Walkthrough (See my first!) and in the future there will be my masterpiece! So let's get to it:

Oh, wait! One more thing: I won't be doing any sidequests in this Walkthrough. Why? 'Cause they're so damn confusing!


  • Arrows: Move
  • A Button- Nintendo DS: Attack/Examine/Talk
  • ButtonB: Jump
  • ButtonY: Ability (e.g Dodge Roll, Block, Glide)
  • ButtonX: Use Command
  • R/L: Center camera
  • Start: Open Menu
  • Select: Nothing :P


Time for an awsome opening for the game!


Table of ContentsEdit

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