Welcome, Welcome Foolish mortals, to the first ever KHRECOM walkthrough!

I am your host, Pedrokingdomhearts. hmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmhmmmmmm...

Your cadaverous palor, retains an aura of forboding. All your sistems present an aura of desquieting metamorfasis.

Is your host really poking his nose with his finger? Or is it your imagination?

And consider this dismaying observasion: This walkthrough has many links, and very good gramar, witch offers you this chilling chalange: to find a better walkthrough!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many people have been warning me your KHREC walkthrough is a MESS!!! Whew, I think 6 warnings already, but I tell you I am fixing them right now, but this will take time, 'cause making a walkthrough is not like going down the corner, and throught this time, I'll be workin' here.

Lets Start

Yipee lets start


The left analog stick makes you move, while the right partner moves the camera. B x Makes you strike the Keyblade and use a card. B s is to Dodge Roll. B t is to use cards to open doors and for a slieght. B c is to jump(Lil bro's favorite thing in games. That's why I never let him play my PS3!) B start is to pause and open the main menu. B select is to swap the card types (Normal cards to enemy cards). B l and B r or B l1 and B r1 are to swap thru the cards, and finaly B r2 is to lock on a enemy.

Cardeal System

Cards are hard to master, because in the older PS2 titles you could atack in less than a second by pressing B x. but now we have A NEW system introduced in 2005 inside the microscopic of the GBA. Well, by 2012 the system might not be ENTIRELY new, but, with some traning, you might just get the hang of it. But the cards go dissepearing so fast that, by the end of the battle, you might have only 5 atack cards and some 4 useless cards.(Once upon the Game Boy, I got with only one atack card and one Cure card in the Hades battle.)


To Be Continued Soon

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