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Hello Toons, this world will probably have more easy bosses, but by the time I, Pedrokingomhearts am writting this, I don't know. So let's go!


So we arrive at the town center, where we see a bunch of Hartiez drinkin' and havin' a good time, but they are Hartiez, so f*** them! Fight 'em off, but you will soon realize that it is impossible. Run to the Peddler's shop, and recharge your stock. By now you'll know that he's not so much evil, so go say sorry at Jasmine's Palace. That didn't go very well... so... Oh! It's Al! Abu's stolen somethin'. Explain, Abu!

Al's a monkey whisperer! Go to the peddler for him to tell you that the lamp costs US$ 10000000000000000000,00. Since we don't have all that, let's go to the cave of wonders to get it, through the Bazar out of the city. Save and hit the road.

Go into the cave, get all the treasures in the first room, and go to the next room.

In this new room, Examine the statue in the end and get into a challenge. Press B t for Abu to go forward. Break the crystals with Atack so they don't hurt Abu. If a wave comes, press B t for Abu to to jump. Get to the end and press B t to finish.

In the next room, activate the plaque. Fight all the Hartiez before the time ends.

All right, activate this new plaque to go into the next room. Pete will summon some Hartiez, but we can handle 'em. After that you'll be transported back to Agrabah. Follow Pete and the Peddler to the palace, and then, after some Robin Williams commedy, easy bosses AGAIN.

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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After that, you get a new summon.

Genie: Babadubidada!

PKH: G-G-Genie???!!!

Genie: Any problem I be a guest? You were just talking about me and Robin so...

PKH: Well, yeah, LA has anime guests, so mabye I can have cartoon guests! The world will finally respect Brazil! But I was about to end the par... Never mind, I have a question!

Genie: Tell me more!

PKH: Two actually.

Genie: Wonderfull!

PKH: 1: Did you really think that Pete was Al?

Genie: Um... Well...

PKH: Because, well, Pete's obese!

Genie: That'll stay for later!!! Next question!!!

PKH: What's the next Robin Williams movie?

Genie: That would be The Angriest Man in Brooklyn!

PKH: Thanks Genie, that was great!

Genie: Anytime! Just rub-a-di-dup the lamp

PKH: What lamp? *Gets hit in the head with a lamp* G-G-G-Genie.... Ever-r-r-ryone!!!

Oh, there seems to be a rub in Twilight Town! That will stay Later...

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