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Hello Toons. Welcome to a pirate world full of adventures - and easy bosses.


I've got someone waiting, so I'll do this real fast. We arive, go down to the port, fight the zombies, go to town, fight the Hartiez, Go to the port again, add Jack Sparrow to our team 'cause he's awsome, go to the Black Pearl on our ship, then after the cutscenes, defend yourself from enemies for one minute, change your rout to Port Royal, and a battle shall commence.

Fight the zombies out (on light, 'cause on darkness they are invincible), watch the cannonbals, and shoot the other ship with your canons.

After that, you'll be in another challenge. Press B t without a Hartiez annoying you to punch the barrels in fuego. Watch out for the Hartiez not to explode them!

Now go to Isla de Muerta. In the last room...

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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You also get:

Follow the Wind KHIIFollow the Wind

Well, at least Donald didn't turn into a zombie. Just kidding.

And probably next time my grandma won't be asking me to give her 1000000000 kisse........................ oops!

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