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Hello dear Toons, this is a Pedrokingdomhearts cartoon of easy bosses.

Into Utopia

Heya, Lad! The year is 1928 and ''Steamboat Bill Jr.'' roams through the movie screens. With that said, Captin' Pete has a steamboat too! But his is called ''Willie'' and he bought it from a young man named Walt Disney. But enough chit-chat. We arive and see that Captin' Pete has lost Willie. Thinking he is Pete, we set out to the road with a sign that says Pier on it. Go to ol' Pete and get ready to fight.

Now, I'm too lazy to make a boss template, so consider him as an enemy. He has 123 HP, and you can kill him with a few combos.

After that, we start to find out more about this dimension of pie-eyed sight, mono sound and cartoony mind, which took us to a land of both black and white, of ink and paper, which just happens to be the monochromatic wonderland: The Twilight Zone Timeless River

Okay, back to the hill. It seems our fellow Hartiez are entering old Mickey Mouse cartoons through The Windows of Time. Now 13sora owes me one!

Let's go through from Right to Left. After you complete each one, you get a new Pete cartoon. I wont spoil them so you have something to look up to.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's House

In the first cartoon, based on Mickey's Orphans, has a Corridor of Darkness eating the furniture! I know that darkness is hungry, but they know a christmas tree doesn't have hearts, don't they? Hit the portal for it to stop eating too much to slow it's digestion, because if the portal eats all the furniture, YOU'RE NEXT!!! (A.K.A. it will be game over.) The Hartiez are preety easy, but carfull with the furniture, will you.

The Scene of The Fire

Based on Mickey's Fire Brigade, this cartoon first shows Shadows and Fire enemies. Fight them off easily, but after that, Hot Rods appear and things get tough! Use your best abilities to fight 'em off!


Now taken from Gulliver Mickey, this cartoon puts us in a tiny town. The Hartiez are preety easy, but if they harm the town, hop on the cannon tower and take them away!

The Building

from Building a Building, this short is one of the easiest. You can easily make the building shake by pressing B t and slayin' them in the air.

Allright! No! The Cornerstone's Gone! A Keyblade Wielder's job is never done... (sight)

So it was Pete! Or was it Old Pete?! Gyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go down to the Waterway to confront new Pete. Now here's the dildo deal though, he will trow the ship's supplies at you. Press B t to trow 'em back and hurt him. When he's out, go to the steamboat and get on the hook by pressing B t and atack the cornerstone's wooden cage. If you drop off, fight all the Hartiez and do this again. If he throws objects at you again, rinse and repeat untill the cornerstone's out.

Very well! Now follow Pete to the next area, aproach the Petes and start the fighting.

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
This is a filler template!
This notice stands in place of the Infobox Pedrokingdomhearts template, which no longer works.

If the author would like this template restored, please contact the Staff

Done! Lock the lock and go back home. Arriving there you get:

Monochrome KHIIMonochrome

A nice nostalgic Keyblade.

Wisdom FormWisdom Form

OOOOOO!!!!!!!! A new form!

Nice rewards!

Now, regarding the world to the north and the new episode on Olympus Coliseum, don't worry about that. Worry about the new world to the south. At least I will in this walkthrough.

That's our next destination.

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