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Ever heard of Chinese firecrackers? One day I wanted to make some, and I got some candy called Mentos and put them into a bottle of Coca Cola. Then I threw them away and... BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! It's really cool!!!!!!!!!!! - Pedrokingdomhearts

Hard Horsies

When you get there, you see a really awkward man...

Mig (My Staff): It's a girl you iditot!

PKH: Shut up Mig! So we see him/her and a... Mushu!!! How we missed you! In one or two years we don't see him in a game! Now, to the camp to sign up!

So we arrive there, se some manly man, and Sora gets punched in the face!


I like it already! Speak to the Captain to get jobs and proove yourself good.

Before that: The hard horsies that I mentioned are actually Assault Rider. They are terribly hard so kill'em fast!

Here we go...

  1. Surprise Attack: Kill the Heartless and don't let the Moral gauge fall down.
  2. The Ambush: Pretty much the same thing except with stronger enemies.
  3. The search: Same thing with EASIER???? Heartless.

Well that was easy! Sora and co. are praised, but not so much luck for Ping. Time for the ultimate quest! Say to the captain you're ready to the captain. Exit the camp towards a different way than you entered. Climb up the mountain using B t to break the rocks. After going without loosing Moral and getting all the treasures you will find a village. There, report to Captain Shang.

Hmm... Mushu seems to have found our villain. Go into a cave... DARN!!! It was a trap! Now, Kids, Settle down 'cause this ain't' gonna be an Easy fight. Gotta use all your skills. After getting out, the village was burn down and we do not have the damn ! Go up to the hills and... OH MY GOD ST. MARY PROTECT ME FROM THE FORCES OF EVIL SATAN GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's you're mission: LIVE! Which aint' really that hard. Use reaction commands to survive the fight quick enough.

The hun is dead and we all live happily ever after... except OH!!! PING IS A WOMAN OOOOOOOO GOD!!! I DID NOT KNOW!!!

Mig: Told Ya!

PKH: Shut up Mig! But it seems not everything is good and jolly! The demon is alive!!! Quick! To the palace! After fighting some towers we go to the part where I extremely hate writing... THE BOSS!!!

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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Now Mulan get's a big sword that allows us to open the lock to new worlds! What a nice guy!


PKH: *PKH beats up Mig*

Ending my fine {{{1}}}

After the ceremony, we get:

Hidden Dragon KHII Hidden Dragon

Now, let me tell you, DO NOT PUT THAT AS YOUR MAIN KEYBLADE!!! It gives the same amount of magic as Star Seeker and takes out Strength that it does not. So my suggestion:

Main Keyblade: Star Seeker

Valor Keyblade: Kingdom Key

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