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Welcome back, Toons, PKH is full of christmas delight! (No plagarism to Disney or Tim Burton)

Christmas Delight

We arrive and see Jack collecting presents for Santa. Go give 'em back, and go to the second floor of the factory to find... UH! IT WAS THEM!

We have to stop Lock, Shock and Barrel. Each prankster has 172 HP. Knock them out and use B t to throw a box at them. Capture them before they regain consiousness.

Good! So, go back to Town Square and fight the Hartiez. Then go back to tell Santa your plan to capture the theif. Talk to him when you are ready. You'll go to the area wanted, and then... UH 2! IT WAS HIM!

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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A prize so they make up for last time:

Decisive Pumpkin KHIIDecisive Pumpkin

Eh? Two Twilight Towns? Not yet Toons. Now we go to the Pride Lands.

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