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At least I don't have to put boss templates and giant images here! - Pedrokingdomhearts

A Land no Longer Consumed by Darkness

So we arrive at the Construction Land World place witch had been destroyed by Maleficent (remember that name: she will not annoy us but she will send OTHER people to annoy us!) In the previous titles, As we see our enemies strollin' around. Always get all treasure chests as usual. Unless there is a Anti-Mushroom from Mario here!

Go walking, talk to Scrooge McDuck if you want (which is working on a new flavor of ice cream, but is failing), and go down to the brough (Down the stairs in front of Scrooge).find Yuffie... Look! More Hartiez! Kill em! Head over to Merlin's place, and Leon will show you something. In the next room you'll find enemies you already know. Protect that gate at all costs, and knock out the Noobies so they don't atack more. After that...GASP!!! ORG. XIII! But wait... There are a few members here... Where are the others? Well, Sora never played COM so... Close the lock and to the next page!

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