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Heya Toons! PKH is going back to agrabah for another shot at... YMCA!!! Wait, what? Sorry toons, I'm hearing it on YouTube right now.

It's what sayin' so... YMCA!!!

As we arrive, the peddler seems to be having the time of his life... damn bitch! Go out to the city outskirts and see Genie open your way. Go into the desert ruins, and see Jafar! Follow him untill you can atack, and do it! Then follow him to the top of the tower and... he'll diseapear. Now, go to find switches (Floating eggs) and cast the spell their collors represent. (Red: Fire/Blue: Blizard/Yellow: Thunder) Then go back to the tower door on time. Go up the steps and discover that Iago is not our friend. But... BOOM!!! The magic carpet will move on it's own, and you have to go around defeating Hartiez and avoiding obstacles. Back in town, interrogate the peddler and go foreward to the palace.

Jafar evolves into...

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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After that, MORE Robin Williams comedy and... precious!

Wishing Lamp KHIIWishing Lamp

Seeya Toons!

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