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Toons, It's time for a little game. That joke wasn't funny. The only joke Pedrokingdomhearts can make is of stupid unfunny brazillian ''comedians'' like Silvio Santos.

No Silvio Santos jokes here. Or are there?

Ok, so we discover that we were stupid enough to open the damn hunger games, and we have to sign up on the Hades cup, with the red devil. The premlins and the semifinals are just Hartiez battles and are easy as hell. The final against Auron seems a bit wrong, since he's super grumpy and all. Before the finals, go into the blue door and discover Hades' super evil plan. Follow Auron outside, but it's useless. Then go up to Hades' office, get the doll, go back to help Herc and...

220px-Silvio_Santos1.jpg Gyahh! Bulldog-faced Silvio Santos!

No, we don't see Santos, we see Hades, which we start a useless fight since he's invincible. Keep atacking untill... Herc!

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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After that, Hades falls down the stix and we get a keyblade.

Guardian Soul KHIIGuardian Soul

All that's well ends well!

220px-Silvio_Santos1.jpg Silvio Santos: Exept for me! Hahyah hahahah!


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