So after we go to Twilight Town, we decide to pass through Hollow Bastion to see Leon and co. After seeing Cloud, go to Merlin's and discover that there's something at the castle. Continue through your merry way, to find fairies, Aeriths, Tifas and Leons, and even Stitch! After Donald slams the PC, the PC decide's to call Avira's president, the MCP. After that, your under arrest to...

Space Paranoids Logo KHII

Now Toons, I have no idea if there are even bosses here, yet. Correction: yes there are.

User:Pedrokingdomhearts loggin complete. Prepare to make awsome walkthrough.

<location change= Pit Cell> <character status= locked and unharmed> <data=NCP Tron talk= uncomprehended dialogue.> <action= minigame>

Ok, so you have to atack the gate to get orbs. When there's enough orbs, unlock the door.

Go on to the next area and approach a strange structure to start a minigame.

Many blocks shall be arround you. You need the pink one. Atack them to join them and try to find your block. If you take too long, do all again.

After that, return to the cell pit to get back to the real world. Aproach Ansem's doodles and discover the password. Now, Mickey gives you a present!

Master FormMaster Form

Also, when going back to the PC, Be sure to unlock a big chest, 'cause inside, we win the summon Stitch!

Back in Ansem's PC, we gotta go to the red building and access the computer. Minigame!

Defeat the Hartiez to get orbs. Once the orb bar is full, use the reaction command to put one of the computers in order. Do that to all 3 computers.

Now, go to the I/O tower. Go to the room on the right, but it seems it's cluttered. Go back out... BOSS!

Maybe... I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here...
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Out of the PC and away from Avira, we get...

Photon Debugger KHIIPhoton Debugger (What does that mean?)

As we leave Ansem's we go into another chapter of our story: The War of the 1000 Heartless

Act one ended!

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