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The Legend of Kairi: Sora's Awakening - Pedrokingdomhearts

Finally, Awakened

We have been sleeping for 1 whole year and we do not remember one thing about Castle Oblivion! What a waste of time playing COM! (OK, I liked it, even if its the worse game in the series) :( Oh well, to the usual spot! So we meet three COMPLETE STRANGERS. YOU KNOW. A gangster, a fatso and a hottie? No? Ok... Go to station heights and find some nobodies. Fight them and... FINALLY!!! MICKEY!!! I ADORE MICKEY MOUSE!!! He gives us some money and a blue orb. Now, WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT? Get in the ghost train... WAIT WHAT???? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Too late.

Mysterious Tower KHBBS

So here's where he takes us!

The Mysterious Tower

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Get all of the treasures, and get near some dude looking into the tower. Turns out it's Pete, who wasn't really appearing much at the time, so he's preety annoyed. Fight all the heartless Pete releases. Go up the tower collecting treasures and killing enemies. After getting to the top and seeing the cutscenes, you can read a book, but it does not make difference if you read it or not. After that, go to the next room to change. After that you get...

Valor Form Valor Form


Star Seeker KHII Star Seeker, Witch the crew has not thinken of a way of getting it equipped.

Now we can move to the next world while I hear Kids Run Through the City, from FF6.

But before that... We se the revival of one of Nostalgia Critic's favorite villans!

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