Ok now, hmmm we need the strongest weapon in the game to fight ahhh err.... *cough* OWA *cough*, anyways if you want...

Ultima Weapon KHII

Then here's the list to synthesis this hulk of a keyblade.

But first you need the Ultimate Recipe, one the easiest things to find, the recipe is in a chest at the Mansion: Basement Corridor. Can't miss it.

Next....those Crystals, my opinion...bash those Nobodies and Heartless till they give you those crystals....maybe random at most but at least it will give you experience at the same time right?...ooohh right, hardest Crystal to get is the Serenity Crystal Serenity Crystal, easiest way to get the seven is to defeat Assassin's, Berserker's, Samurai's and Sorcerer's, though all of them have a 4% drop. Besides getting the Serenity Crystals the rest of the other Crystals should be easy enough.

Ok now to the Orichalcum's. Hmmmm 1 of the normal and 13!!!!!!!!! of the +'s man.....ok.....

The normal Orichalcum, here's a list of where to of them....

Now about those 13 +'s. Ok first get an Energy Crystal Energy Crystal off the Shaman's or Bookmaster's, it's a 4% chance but you'll get it..hopefully. Now there's just one bump from getting that Energy Crystal, you must get your synthesis Moogle to Level 2, so best to synthesis items that aren't in the list to get Ultima Weapon

Now the Energy Crystal will reduce that 13 to 7. Finally all we need to get is 7 Orichalcum +'s. Here's the list...


  1. Obtain all material types
  2. Complete the Starry Hill Torn Page
  3. Complete the "A New Day is Dawning" musical
  4. Win the Goddess of Fate Cup
  5. Chest at the Central Computer Mesa
  6. Chest at the Sunset Terrace
  7. Chest at The Brink of Despair.

The hardest one is obtaining all material types, all the others are just from sidequesting.

Now when you have everything in that list, synthesis all those ingredients and then.....

TADA!!!! Ultima Weapon is yours!!!!!

Ultima Weapon KHII

Now onto the Cups........Stormies..prep for a big section next!!! what's this?....

<LA reads the note>

LA:Well guess my favourite guest Lenalee Lee will be coming again in 2 sections...once again....EXCITE!!!!!!!!!!!..stay tuned Stormies!!!

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