Ok now go to the only other place left..which is Olympus Coliseum!!!!..but first Gummi Missions....tell me when you get there Storimes!!!

Ohhh forgot..after this segment...ANOTHER GUEST WILL APPEAR AS A 2 SEGMENT GUEST!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, ok I gotta stop being a WOO Host........

What's this a Titan..that the Team Rocket goodbye from Hercules...and then.......the logo.

Olympus Coliseum Logo KHII

Hmm..Gummi ship landing gone bit off...well that's a first then a girl's scream...HEARTLESS!!!!!..ok?...that's a first reaction anyways SAVE! then talk to the girl.

Excalibur:FOOL!, don't talk to Medusa like that?

LA:What Medusa...hey WHAT THE? EXCALIBUR!!!!!.....I thought I threw you into space!!, how are you back?









<silence for like 5 minutes>

Excalibur:I will begin my 5 hour story telling now..

LA:Ohh he' no you won't!!!

<LA picks up Excalibur then throws him into a tube leading out of the Walkthrough department>

<LA angrily pants>

LA:I errrr.....let's just get on with the walkthrough and production staff, please tighten security from that obnoxious moron....

One of the production staff:What? I the mor-

LA:NO EXCALIBUR IS!!!!!!...just tighten security alright, Production staff!!!

LA:Anyways......the girl is Megara or not Meg Griffin...production staff...that was LAME!!!!!!, once again anyways Sora and company introduces themselves to Meg and they have a conversation about Herc, and now it seems Meg wanted to talk to Hades to slow down the fighting for Herc, hmmm, I know why don't we got there instead...yeah great idea.. >_>.

Ok now go through the door with the blue creases. Ok now your in the Underworld, hmm the white souls thingys will give you MP if you hit it, be careful of falling rocks and go through the passage. THE ORGANIZATION..well that was a short cutscene, ok now just keep going north until you see another cave entrance, grab any treasure here, their easy to spot (all green).

That guy again..hmm coward. OK first grab any treasure chests then go and SAVE!!, then go through that greenish entrance.

Hmm Hades and Pete has a talk about errr "mincing" Herc, then Hades has a good idea......

Ok now fight the Heartless and go all the way up.

Also WTFudge is that kind of Heartless?.... CreeperPlant-Artwork

Well it seems Hades is summoning a "mother of a bad guys" WHO IS...WAIT Auron???? Auron...hehehe Hades you got the wrong end of this stick my fiery God..hehe.....and well that's a short employment.....Well fight time against Hades...just attack him...and now well he's invincible and now a rule Heroes are Zeroes....

Ok so now Auron is in your party, switch him out with Goofy and get rid of Auto Limit for Auron. We close Hades' chamber until well a puff of smoke....great.

Ok so here's the dealio..ok that was bad..stupid script, PRODUCTION STAFF!!!!, ok here it is, Don't bother with Hades, just kill his Heartless, after that the walls will disappear, then do it again when going down to the second area and final area, be careful of the Lance Warriors and Large Bodies and use the Hook Bats Reaction Command(just not to Hades), use Auron's Limit when things get tough, then go through the final door and FLEE!!!!.

Once out of the passage, well the gang's beat and then Sora says whether Auron is a hero, then weirdly Auron introduces himself then they introduces themselves. Ok now SAVE! then backtrack out of here!!!.

Well Pete says his plan and well Hades has his own plans.....great. >_>.

Ok but still get out of that passage now(as in backtrack).

Great the entrance is locked..hmmm Sora?..and once again great...Auron distracts while Sora opens the lock, before leaving well sora enters the fray in fighting Cerberus...well this was bound to happen....

Somebody/Animal? Battle: Cerberus
Cerberus KHII
HP: 440
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ***


OK so you got Auron with you, so that means you can perform Auron's Limit, just watch out for his jumping attack and any head in which you are not attacking. He is very fond of jumping, spinning and gnawing at you, also throwing fireballs at you, if you get a chance to use a Reaction Command called Evade, Jump then Dog Paddle, use it, it will stun him giving you chance to attack. Really this is hit and run strategy. Just keep it up and be weary of your HP, use Cure when needed.

After the defeat Auron and Sora makes it out of the chamber and back to the entrance, Phew....also Sora and the gang makes funny faces before Cerberus tries to get them. Hehehe...we see a scene with Meg and Herc mainly about Herc having a rest every now and again...and well not good. OK well what?, Auron's gone!!! OK NOW SAVE!!!!, then go up those steps back to the "ABOVE-WORLD", the place of the Coliseum...ya'know?

Ok so another meeting with Hades and Pete about the Keyblade, and something about a Coliseum?....and what?.....Meg?....

Ok now for the shine, now go straight and what this?, Herc and he greets us all!. They have a little talk about what they've been doing and about the Stone that will turn us back to "Heroes". Then serious...ehhh that's Olympus for ya. After getting the map go on through....

Now now Phil, and another of his "incidents".....AND THAT's THREE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They talks about heroes then talk about what's up...up about taking on Hades. Well time for training, talk to Phil, also I won't go through this stuff, it's a cakewalk.......seriously. Ohh and as a reward you get Aerial Spiral ability.

After taking on his "course"...<LA:Pfft more childplay than training> well talk to Herc. Herc then tells us that the coward cloaked man stole it.....ehhhh....also Phil leaves.....weird. Crud James Woods...umm Hades appears and then talks about Meg to Herc....that's not good....great a big predicament....guess we got a plan..I suppose....

OK SAVE then go back to the Underworld. What Phil?..we get a convo with Phil about the cloaked man hmmm..I see... Ok now instead of going to the right side this time, we're going to the left, also grab that treasure chest.

FIGHT HERC, KILL THAT HYDRA!!!!! he did it..ahhh I mean YAH HE DID IT!!!...

Ok now go forward then Op...ur down, weird huh?, that's the Underworld for you. Anyways grab any treasure chests then go straight, we get a little talk about the strenggth draining from Sora and then now more directions. Go straight get the treasure chest then go to your left then to your left then grab any treasure chests then go to your right, you'll see an entrance with ???, that's where you need to go. Ok now go and grab that treasure chest and the one of that small ledge, becareful, if you fall, it's back to the well up the description above. And who's's the coward....

Roxas?...Roxas?...what the?..who is he, uhhh look at him, saying his mission right in front of us, and what this?, he's got the stone!!!.

Ok...a fight against an Organization member now?..what the?...ok here's the deal defeat 100 in 80 seconds, to make it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier use the reaction command, a way to trigger is to attack one of them once then it'll pop up!! and those 100 will be gone!!!!


After the defeat well he flees...coward...ohh but now you get the stone and now your Drive gauge is no longer locked YAH!!! and a Secret Ansem Report 5!!!!....

Ok now go through the door, once in "The Lock" grab any treasure chests, SAVE then unlock and SAVE MEG!!!!

Woooo go down...Rescue time...then Hades disappears...then PETE!!!!!!

Somebody Battle: Pete
HP: 264
Difficulty: EASY
Fun Rating: *


Ok, now here's the deal, protect Meg while defeating the Heartless use Hook Bats Reaction command when necessary. Upon the Heratless defeated, beat up Pete, just watch out when Pete goes "invincible" cos well he goes invincible, he throws firecrackers and a omb at you, just Guard and dodge them then attack, he'll also summon at some point bringing out some Soldiers, after attacking him alot, well the true battle begins....

Hehehe..Herc....saving the day as well as Peg...he leaves Meg with Peg by getting out of there now as well as Sora and company, now we join the fray..hehehe it's 5 to 1. Rematch eh Pete?

Somebody Battle: Pete
HP: 264
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: *


OK now we have to beat him in 2 minutes, thankfully with Herc it will be easy enough. Ok first get rid of his Heartless, afterwards soley attack Pete, when Pete "goes invincible" use Herc's Reaction Command to stun him and attack again, use Hook Bats if there are any left. He should go down, but be quick!!!

After his defeat..well he flees again...and now the chamber starts to we gotta flee, Hades talks to himself about Herc going down?...wait the- errr...I'll spoil it...

Hades then talks about the Hydra...ohhh no....SAVE then go to those steps!!!

No...the Coliseum...and well Herc is really down in the dumps...once Meg and Phil take shim away they come back to assist Sora and company for the fight...against the Hydra....

Somebody Battle: Hydra
HP: 462
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: *****


BTW love this song.......OK firstly he'll start by swishing his tail, your job is to attack that head. Simply enough, Meg will give you restorative items, Peg will be used later as well as Phil. JUST KILL THAT HEAD!!!. Once enough damage is dealt the Hydra will go stun..use B t to destroy that head. OK onto phase two, Ok next up, Phil will say "GET UP ON THE HYDRA's BACK!!!" do that and use the reaction command to stun him, then take out the 3 heads, I recommend using Valor Form to take them all out quickly, now onto the final phase. Multi-head.....Ok now just watch out for his swishing tail, his heads as they can smashes the ground, also the dark blobs from the ground and the flames...quite alot right?, just attack his head when you get a chance, now this is where Peg comes in, after attacking his heads, there is a chance to use the reaction command to use Peg and automatically take some damage, just make sure to mash B t, when doing so. Rinse and repeat the final phase and then finale..use B t on all it's heads for the win!!

As a reward we get Thunder element...and Yah...err....ugly......

Now we get sloppy as Herc goes "washout mode", then Meg thanks us...and again....the gang tells us the same thing to Beast......then to Phil..well more Sora unlocks another gate!!!(finally got it).

Well they say their goodbyes..and now...YES there is a keyblade you earn this time Hero's Crest Hero&#039;s Crest KHII

Eh...Maleficent and Pete talks about the rest of the villany and then Organization XIII......hmm interesting....

Eh...Disney Castle? what's that? thorns?..ehhh seems so......Donald and Goofy huh?...kinda missed Sora right?

Ok seeya next time Stormies!!!...where we go to Disney Castle!!! seems as Maleficent is now targeting there now... eh >_>

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