Ok, so that was a good run, ok enough chat, well if you want?, do you?, naw you guys probably want me to carry on. OK!

Make your way now onto the left side of the World Map, finish off the Gummi Mission then go to that CASTLE!!!

Sora appears in the castle and then hears a mighty roar. Sora then recognizes that might roar as Beast and well goes to that room..

Beast's Castle Logo KHII

Donald sees a rose and goes to it then what the Heartless!, time to fight!!

After the defeat, more appears then Beast appears attacking the Heartless and well Sora's gang as well and getting his rose and leaves just like that, HEY WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!!!!!. Ok so first before saving, I'd suggest equipping that new keyblade of yours Hidden Dragon, then SAVE then get out of the room.

The gang finds out that Belle also lives here, and keeps eying the right staircase, well let's go!!...seriously it's up there, with a bunch of heartless....again.

Now another cutscene and well we overhear Belle and then Donald knocks down the door and well Belle hugs the life out of Donald. We find from Belle that Beast obviously been strange lately and the only ones that know why are inside the DUNGEON!!! Ok so the dungeon is in the west hall in the Undercroft???....ok well let's save these guys!!!.

Ok first loot get all the treasure in Belle's room then SAVE then get out of her room. Now since we're in the East Wing, go past the passage and go to the other side of the staircase.BIG SIDENOTE!!! Ohh yeah one Universal rule in KHII is that all empty corridors has 4 things, Heartless, treasure, Nobodies or Bosses ok Stormies?. Ok so now you'll find some treasure around the knight statues and around the bottom area there are 3 treasure chests, then go and move that wardrobe.

Wardrobe KHII

A way to move the wardrobe is easy, mash B t until the wardrobe is about to wake up. If you think the wardrobe is gonna wake, stop, then well rinse and repeat.

After succesfully moving it it it TALKS!!...well duh! Well now that wardrobe used to be a human but an enchantress cast a spell on her and her friends, where have I heard that bef-...hehehe.....ok after the talk go through the door...for a cutscene.

Donald examines a weird door, which happened to glow light from it's eyes...crud...boss battle?...Yep.

Heartless Battle: Possessor and Thresholder
HP: 98, 137
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ***


Ok first watch out for the Thresholder's slap attacks, it will also summon some Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior and Hook Bats, use them to you advantage by using reaction command to hit the Thresholder, the Thresholder will also charge up a dark ball attack, either keep attacking or get out of the way. Once the Thresholder has taken enough damage, you must release it by using B t then a dark blob will appear, attack it, once attacked enough it will go back to Thresholder, this will repeat the process 2 more times, once then the Possessor will be defeated...easy!

As a reward you get Upper Slash, Donald gets Fire and Goofy gets HP increase, Hooray that ugly statue and dark blob disappears!!, now go through the door.

No one here.....until well they start talking?.......what the?, the ornaments talk just as the Wardrobe did, Sora's gang introduce themselves. Then we get into a conversation about the enchantress and the spell. Time to find Beast and the chandelier Lumiere knows a shortcut....well technically all shotrcuts in the gaming world has one drawback making it not-so-shortcutty right?...

Get all the treasure chests then SAVE, then go out the room.

Go up on all the pile of junk then find Cogs as he'll move the Knights and create an opening!!. Go through...

Now onto a mini-game of getting out of here, ok, so there are some dark things blocking some lanterns, Sora's job is to find and "purify" the lanterns so that the secret entrance will open, ok so they are, one in front of you, one near some boxes, and lastly one on the other side of some boxes, you must have Ms. Potts and Lumiere to properly purify them. Once that's done Voila! secret passage!!.

Now after that go straight as there is no where else to go. Now there are some treasure chests, then just follow the passage onto Beast's room.

Cloaked man....talking to this is bad. He leaves and then.....

Anger Management in Session......

Ok so here's the deal, use Cogs Reaction Command "Wake Up!" to stop him from attacking, then you attack, keep doing this until his HP is 0, then use the big Reaction Command and tap B t until boom, he's cured!! with Get up!!

Beast finally back to normal. Sora's gang and Cogsworth talks about what happened and talks about how Xaldin (the cloaked man from before) manipulated his anger. Well guess it's time to talk to Belle, and now Beast joins our party, Reserve Donald this time.

Get the treasure in the far back then SAVE, if there is any abilities you want to put on to everyone, please do, as I will not instruct which ones to put on..unless it's important enough...Ohh there is one thing...get rid of Auto Limit from Beast, as you might accidentally waste magic when you want to use magic instead etc.....

Ok now go back to Belle's room, your choice, use the Save point and get out of the world then reenter by going to Belle's room or go back manually, your choice.....once there Wardrobe says that Belle left about going after the cloaked man...dang Xaldin!!!!!. Ok, noe go back to the staircases, there will be another cutscene where we hear Belle's voice.....hmmm ballroom..ok let's go!

Ok so Belle is alright...AHHH WHAT IS THAT!!!!.....

Heartless Battle: Shadow Stalker
Shadow Stalker
HP: 176
Difficulty: EASY...again
Fun Rating: **


OK now this guy is simply easy, it will go to the Windows, Chandelier, Pillars and Floor, Windows, it will just go inside then makes some shockwaves, afterwards HIT IT!, Chandelier, it will go down then attack you in a round fashion, just attack then release it by using B t then attack it, The Floor is easy wait for a dark purple spot on the floor then jump and the right time then attack it, otherwise it will eat you and spit you out, finally the Pillars, it will strike you, all you need to do is dodge this attack then attack!!!, rinse and repeat...

What is that cocoon?. Wait it's evolving!!...Shadow Stalker ------> Dark Thorn..which means a rematch baby!!!

Heartless Battle: Dark Thorn
Dark Thorn
HP: 390
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ****


Now he is waaay more physical this time and a bit more invisible, if you can find him attack him. He can summon blobs that attack you, forget that and just attack him, using Beast's Limit is helpful as well as Valor Form. He has an attack in which he uses the Chandelier to swing around nearly the entire area but there is a chance that you can use the chandelier to reveal himself, by attack him then use B t then again to attack him and therefore revealing himself, go near the pillars to dodge this, another attack is more beneficial for you as he will try and grab you and fling you to one of the pillars, use B t AT THE RIGHT TIME then it'll counterstrike leaving him open for an attack. Just keep at it and attack when he is attacking, except the chandelier attack. oohh forgot he also has a 1 ~ 3 lunge combo but it'll be nothing as long as you have Aerial Recovery equipped.

Goodbye....ugly Heartless.....

Great Xaldin.....and he just LEAVES?!?!....Sora then talks about what a Nobody is to Beast. Afterwards Beast and Belle have a little talk......Find true love before the last rose petal falls..and what the? item?........ok so now another Keyhole "Locked".

They say their goodbyes adn well as letting us know whether there are anything about the Heartless, Nobodies or Organization XIII...ok..bit much there Sora right?...anyways

As a reward we get some abilities from that Dark Thorn as well as Cure spell, but no Keyblade, no worries Stormies..we'll get the Keyblade for this world soon..soon Stormies!!!

Well that wraps up this segment Stormies, Seeya Ya!!!!!

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