Ok Stormies here is our guests of many to come TOHSAKA RIN FROM FATE/STAY NIGHT!!!!!!.........

<Tohsaka comes in>


<LA throws confetti>

Tohsaka:Stop that!


Tohsaka:I errr....ok LA let's go to where?

LA:I err..ok?, we're going to the Land of Dragons!!, for a recruitment for the Chinese Empire!!!

Tohsaka:Ok then.

LA:>_>, anyways Let's go!!!

Great what happened here....

Tohsaka:Someone burned down a village duh!

Two people talk to each other and well is that Eddie Murphy's voice?

Ok so Sora's gang shows up and sees someone and a shadow talking to each other, and well Sora's gang finds Mushu!!!!...He greets them and talks about old times. Sora introduces himself to Ping Mulan?. We get a deal about Mushu being used, so to be fair we gotta help them, in which case yes, however...umm something is off about Ping?...right Tohsaka?, I mean...

Tohsaka:She's a girl!!!!

LA:Ehhhh right right just like...ehh WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?.

The Land of Dragons Logo KHII

Ok first Ping/Mulan must join so reserve either Donald or Goofy (I reserve Goofy).

Then get the 3 treasure chests around the area...



LA:Yes Yes that was what I was about to say...Tohsaka did you use your magician skills again?, cos you'll be a greater guest if you did!!!

Tohsaka:Yes I did

<LA claps>

LA:Woot... this section will get interesting.....anyways go out of the Bamboo Grove for a cutscene.

A Brawl against some colourful people....until well Ping makes a girly talk by accident...Tohsaka...what?

<Tohsaka attacks LA with a purple arrow attack>

Tohsaka:First let's get rid of those Heartless, defeat them and make sure to keep your Moral gauge filled as if it is empty, GAME OVER! when Heartless are defeated they release Moral balls, get them to fill them up. After defeating the Heartless you get the Encampment Map.

<LA is dazed with keyblades twirling around LA's head>

Tohsaka:Since the remark from LA, I'll be taking over now, ok so now Shang shows up and says that Sora's gang are in the army however Ping needs to prove "HERSELF". So time to weed out some Heartless around the encampment right LA?

LA:eeeeeeehehehheh righiiithright??!?!?@?.

Tohsaka:Anyways there are three missions, talk to Shang for them.

  1. Surprise Attack:This one is easy, just attack the Heartless that appear, keep killing them and up your Moral
  2. The Ambush:A bit different, just attack all the Heartless, use Blizzard as well. Kill Assault Rider afterwards then complete!!
  3. The Search:Hardest one, however I got no idea so I got LA's memo script so err...ahh here goes....Attack the Shadow Heartless that appear as they only come one at a time, once the Shadows are gone, take care of any Nightwalkers that show up, afterwards, well your done, also keep up your Moral gauge.

After finishing all missions, you get AP Boost as well Shang praising Sora and his gang except Ping one last mission. Go out of the Camp and go through the next section, this section you just need to open up the Mountain Trial entrance, so as an easy way is to attack the Nightwalkers, then attack the stone wall then go up the stone steps go up until an Assault Rider appears, kill it then attack the stone wall, afterwards go through to the next section!!!!.


Ok from this mission done, it seems Ping has got some praise from the soldiers including Shang, we get the Village Map afterwards. After getting to the Village, Mushu says that he spotted Shan Yu in the Cave, so if we found Shan-Yu and defeat him, well you get the picture, so let's get to the cave already!!

So first SAVE, outside the gates of the village, afterwards go to your right to a narrow passage. There are 2 treasure chests get them, then carry on. Ok so IT'S A TRAP!!!!

There are alot of Shadows and Assault Rider Heartless, get rid of the Shadows first using Fire, then attack the Assault Riders, if they hop attack, just watch out for their attacks, after the defeat well....job well done, report it to Shang!!

Well this is bad..the village is burnt...just like the Holy Grail War!!!!...and what? Shang's still alive!!. Shang tells us that the enemy went to the Summit. Mushu then says it was his a letdown. Ok SAVE then head to that mountain!!!, go through to the Ridge and get 2 treasure chests, defeat the Heartless if you want then go through...

The Summit.....and great Shan-Yu got alot of Heartless, time to fight..dozens of millions of them!!!

The fight is simple, SURVIVE!!!, attack them and use Reaction Commands and the fight will be over. After the fight well more show up, and the colourful soldiers got a rocket launcher and well Ping uses it to fire with Mushu as both lighter and ammo to cause an avalanche taking out all the Heartless and Shan-Yu..I think?..... Mushu then comes back from his trip form the mountain to say he didn't want to do this anymore and well blurted out that Ping is a girl...good one Mushu. Well the punishment is well....kicked out of the army as a light punishment. Mulan then gets out of that Ping costume and well says she's sorry. After the talk, we get Mulan with a new ability and time for party switching time...not really keep Donald and carry on.

Go back to the Ridge for a cutscene. Well what do you know Shan-Yu survived and well shouts and brings up a horde of Heartless again and Sora's gang and Mulan sees the entire thing. Let's warn Shang!!!

Get out of there and back to the Village to heal up, get some Potions if need be then go all the way back to the Checkpoint.

From the Checkpoint go to the left and you will see a door arch, go through it. Upon going through we see Sora and gang going to Shang saying about Shan-Yu, he doesn't believe us until he sees his little bird then well Shan-Yu, however before instructing his men for an order, since they are so tired and worn out, well they turn into Heartless...another fight, DEFEAT THEM!!!.

After the defeat, go up the stairs for the final confrontation with Shan-Yu, well not really a Final Confrontation I just wanted to say that, anyways....

Shan-Yu gets his sword to the Emperor and well Shang intercepts and stops Shan-Yu's attack, he gets the Emperor away and well now, Shan-Yu's got a purple aura...the power of Darkness is it right LA?

LA:???????neuhiaoStromies yeahijkdfkmnjsdfnefiougigig Notesnksjnfhahahha....

Tohsaka:right....anyways time to fight Shan-Yu!!!!!

Human Battle: Shan-Yu
HP: ??
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ***


Ok first Shan-Yu will bring out 3 Nightwalker, defeat them as they will attack the door, after that start attacking Shan-Yu, if he intcept your attack use B t twice to counter and start attacking, use Mulan's Limit as well as Valor Form if needs be. Also watch out for his bird as he can do damage as well, he can resummon more Nightwalkers to attack though, just use all the resources as much as possible and he should go down!!!

LA:ehhh what happen

Tohsaka:You were knocked out and I took over

LA:Eh?..ok?...well that's good, as long as it wasn't Excalibur that's fine, Thank YOu Tohsaka

Tohsaka:No problem, ummm can I stay for the ending of this world?


LA:Ok so the defeat of Shan-Yu means....well......Emperor says that Mulan has done bad things and well for that has saved China Hooray!!!!....Shang then gives Mulan a big sword, then he says Thank You to Sora's gang and well from that Emperor laughs at that gesture, Mushu then says he gotta be a guardian, well now....Mushu TRICKED US!!!!!!!!!, Mulan's big sword gets shiny and now well we "lock" another Keyhole!!!.. YAH!!!


Production Staff:YAHH!!!

<LA:GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr eying on the Production staff>

LA:Now Sora's gang gotta leave and well says their goodbyes, and so should Tohsaka, Tohsaka, even though you knocked me out, you've been an excellent guest, come back soon Tohsaka!!

Tohsaka:I will bye LA!!

LA:Bye!!! from that we get Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Hidden Dragon KHII

So another world done!!! SEEYA STORMIES!!!!

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