Ok Stormies a note from the production staff saying that Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay night will be featuring in the next section of this walkthrough <LA throws confetti>, hopefully the production staff didn't screw up right PRODUCTION CREW?

<LA goes evil eyed on the production staff>

Anyways onto the walkthrough itself!!


Ok so Sora and his gang are on the Gummi Ship, (I'm on a GUmmi SHip, heartless wrecker don't you ever forget!!), and we see Chip and Dale giving us a nice welcome. Now only one world..wait we know that place...TO HOLLOW BASTION!!!!..seriously land Stormies....

Pete again shouting for Maleficent....hehehe...until he sees Diablo.....oooh boy.

Hollow Bastion Logo KHII

Well that didn't take long and crud Heartless and Nobodies are about, let's get explorin' in here!!

OK you can go around the shops but I suggest you refrain from shopping right now, instead go straight until you see a Moogle, then if need be talk to Scrooge McDuck. He talks about some new ice cream flavour he's trying to make, and having no luck....Go to the next section.

Yuffie!!!!..uhh the reunion is cut short..time to defeat some Nobodies!!

After the defeat, they have a little chat about old times, then she talks to Sora about something at Merlin's House, let's go!!

You get a Map afterwards. Merlin's House is just around the passage then ts the big door, go through and obviously it is teamed with Heartless and whatnot >_>.

Upon entering Merlin's House well the Final Fantasy gang has a memory laney experience about Sora's gang, also BTW Aerith's voice is well changes since KH1, you know less forceful more weak, ya'know?. Leon and his gang talks about the Nobodies and Heartless etc.. OBVIOUSLY SORA WILL HELP!!!. He said he'll be in the Bailey and then Merlin appears. Aerith then gives Sora and his gang the cards for the Hollo Bastion Restoration Committee Honorary Member cards. TO THE BAILEY!!. We get the Card and Blizzard magic, finally we get to use magic!!!.

SAVE then get out Merlin's House, time to get to the Bailey!!

Ok the Bailey is to your right then it's up the stairways then to your right.

Ok Leon whatcha wanted Sora and his gang to see?....yes errr...Heartless?...alot of them...and then the Dusks.

Once calling the Organization XIII, they show up...but first..ya ya ya.....gatekeepers now eh Sora?, CRUD Donald and Goofy aren't there, thankfully Leon helps, ok let's get this fight on the road!!!

Nobodies Battle: Dusks, Samurai's and Creepers (also known as the Gatekeeper's battle by LA)
Dusk KHIISamuraiCreeper KHII
HP: ???x???,???x???,???x???
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *


Ok here is the strategy, just defeat the Dusks and Creepers coming to the gate, use Reversal to throw them off before attacking the gate, once the Samurai comes do the Reaction Command and win it, they will die, then refocus your attention to the Dusks and Creepers attacking the gate, easy..I think.

We get a Fire element magic!!.

The Organization XIII shows up and well only 6 are much for XIII?. They disappear after a little chat then another Organization XIII member shows up and also has another chat with Sora and his gang, however you don't fight him either, as he flees. Sora then brings out his card then sparkle sparkle, looks like...Sora's locking the keyhole?...wait,now I'm confuzzled, didn't we already?....naw, just go with it. After "locking" the keyhole, well other worlds are a calling....The gang says goodbye to Leon and we get Secret Ansem Report 7!

Now we see a flash of light in Hollow and what the? Twilight Town is covered in darkness.

Ok onto the Gummi Sidequests....ahhh just like Command boards from my previous walkthrough..ahh I won't be doing them, due to cutbacks again from THE PRODUCTION STAFF!!!!!!!!!, so I'll just show you where to go....

Hmm Hmmm until next time, we go to the Land of Dragons(one on the right), and with our guest Tohsaka Rin!!!! Seeya Stormies!!!

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