Wakey uppy Sora..umm... umm <LA looking at Sora's dis-portioned outfit> OK?.....Sora also had a growth spurt like Kairi otherwise well Sora's outfit now would have fit. Ok let's get this RoxasAquaTerraVentus Sora's Story on the road.

So the gang talks about what has happened and automatically leave the rust-bucket of a mansion, and now leave the gates and now straight onto the Usual Spot which makes it quite unusual for them to go there straight after the mansion right????. Anyways Pence talks about huh?...THAT SOUNDS LIKE MICKEY!!!!...To the station..wait I've said that line before......Let's go!

Upon getting to the Station entrance well Dusks. Defeat as much as possible. Wowowoweiwaaaa!!!, MICKEY!!!, he tells us to board the train along with giving us a a a munny pouch?????, from this Donald and Goofy are soo pleased to see Mickey. We get a Munny Pouch, a Crystal and a Secret Report 2. Well time to board the train. What the?, after getting the tickets Olette is surprised and well... the same Munny Pouch? Before going on board get the treasure chests around the station then time to board the train (Talk to Donald), as Sora leaves he leaves a tear for Hayner, Pence and Olette , well Sora you got a soft spot as always...

From the train Sora just gazes then talks to Donald and Goofy about being sad because their leaving. Hmmm Sora's got a real soft spot for that town..well not as much as Kairi, right Stormies?. RIGHT!.

Mysterious Tower KHBBS

Upon getting to their destination well the train disappears well get the treasure chests and then go near that big blob blocking the door.

Sora's gang talks to the big blob about Heartless and the master of the tower, now the big blob who's real name is Pete and talking about the fallen Maleficent, Pete gets angry and summons some Shadows, Time to fight some Heartless!!

After the defeat of the Heartless, Pete talks about who lives in the Tower, Yen Sid. Donald goes into the Tower and leaves Pete. Nice going Sora, Donald and Goofy. <LA:Like really not sarcastically>

Now in the base floor SAVE and get the treasure chest, then go up the stairway. Now carry on going up and fight some easy heartless, afterwards going through a door, what do you know...more scripted Heartless battles..defeat them, then another set of stairs...go up and defeat the Heartless if you wish, then going through the door...yet another scripted heartless battle, finally defeating them, Donald shouts why there are Heartless still....Hmm..wonder why?..anyways take the last stairs after that cutscene and enter......

Yen Sid's chamber...Donald and Goofy bows down to Yen Sid, and Sora well, no respect for the old geezer oops I did it too, anyways Yen Sid talks about Mickey. Guess now Yen Sid will give us guidance eh?. More talk from Yen Sid about Sora. Yen Sid brings a book and tells us to study it( BTW you don't need to and just talk to Yenny to carry on). Sora thens asks about Heartless, however Yenny says that people hearts that have darkness, so another words, hearts have darkness therefore Heartless will still appear, now Yenny then brings up Donald then changes it into a Shadow, but from this a Heartless will create Nobodies. Nobodies do not exist and have no hearts. Hmmm....nice mechanics eh Stormies and Production staff? Organization XIII...Nobodies can think and act and have a goal..... From our catch up on basic enemies well Yenny then talks about some new duds...meaning new costume!! SWEET!, let's go but first....

Grab the treasure chests around his chamber then go through the door.

Well its Flora, Fauna and Merryweather!!!, the three fairies form the highland loch...ahhhh I mean 3 fairies from Enchanted Dominion.

Before talking to the fairies get the treasure chest near the door then talk to Flora for your new duds...

@.@.....*cough* CLICHE *cough*....finally Sora gets his new duds and that dud is FREAKIN' AWESOME!! DUAL WIELDING!!!!

Valor Form

The 3 fairies gives Sora and his gang more advice and then says that Yenny wants to see them off.

And you get Star Seeker, however you can't equip that yet. Star Seeker KHII

Go back to Yenny's chamber..

Finally Yenny gives us the Gummi Ship (THE WORST FORM OF TRANSPORT IN KH1, BUT NOT ANYMORE RIGHT STORMIES!!!). Yenny gives his last words of advice before Sora's gang leaves...SEEYA YEN SID...PROBABLY FOREVER AS YOU DON'T SHOW UP ANYMORE IN THIS GAME, Oops broke a walkthrough fourth wall and 4th wall for the game... >_>...anyways blame the production staff I just read what they write through the cue cards...forgive me moment

<LA beats up some of the production staff>

Hmm Hmmm seeya Stormies, until next time!!!..wait one more cutscene...

The fiaries see Maleficent's fairies don't remember Maleficent...crud they did....this is shaping up well already...not


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