LA:He disappears...and what?...a door?...Mickey says that the worlds gave Sora's gang this doorway, Riku says it's gonna be all or nothing now....

Lenalee:We get Secret Ansem's Report 13....and now time to SAVE for the final battle..err...LA who are they?...


Tohsaka:Hey LA!

Renji Abarai:Hey LA...

Sebastian Michaelis:Hello, My Lord..


Tōshirō Hitsugaya:I'm here...hey LA!

L:Hello LA....

Lucy:Hey LA!

Happy:Aye, sir!

LA:All my previous've come to see me and Lenalee off for the final battle!

ALL:Yeah sorta.

LA:Lenalee let's go through the door....


LA:When we go through the way...Xemnas..ahhh....

Lenalee:Xemnas talks about hearts which makes it a good speech until HE THROWS A BUILDING AT US!!!..wait no!!


Ok Stormies it's just me (LA) now...Sora's gang also gets separated, Kairi and Mickey aren't there but no problem.....Sora, Riku, Donald and Goofy can handle this...let's go Stormies....

Nobody Battle: World of Nothingness
World of Nothingness KHIIArmoredXemnas
HP: ???, 1000
Difficulty: Easy to get to him, Medium for the fight
Fun Rating: *****


Getting to him:Firstly some buildings will pop up, use B t to slash them all...then carry onto the next area...move straight a bit then a building will move you up, there, Stormies you can get to the World of Nothingness, by pressing B t (continuously), now to the cores, the aim is to attack as many of the Gummi Nobody Bombs to the core, you need to take down 2 of those, when the gauge for each core is full, it'll do a beam attack dodge it by using B t, once both cores are destroyed press B t to head up. Now for the next part you need to attack a Core(with the Nobody sigil on it), however when it's HP is at some point it'll make a barrier, there beat up any Nobodies in the area then continue to attack the core again, also in that area the World of Nothingness will try attack with it's claws so watch out for that...after the core's HP is 0, press B t to him...

The Battle:Ok to battle, he also "suited up" <Barney Stinson:word..>, in a Nobody like fashion, he hold s giant Nobody sword, ok to his attacks, he uses the fallen Organization members attack to his advantage, he's got Axel's chakrams which move in a circular motion, Luxords cards, Demyx water forms, Saix' claymores *2, and Xaldin's lances. Though he weapons will attack with his giant sword which has a knockback feature (so watch out), he can also bring up a barrier. From this, in my opinion, hack and slash 'em, he's not much of a threat <Xemnas:hey....>, and heal when you need to.

LA:After Xemnas defeat, he starts to disappear...he talks about wanting Kingdom Hearts, however Sora talks to Xemnas before he fades completely....hey LENALEE!!!, everyone your still here!!!

Lenalee:LA look....

LA:....The gang all rejoice that they finally beat Xemnas, however they need to get out of here, Riku tries to open a path however it doesn't work

Lenalee:That's because Riku's not in the dark realm anymore, however a portal opens up, Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy go through the portal, however....

LA:Roxas then appears and talks to Namine, and that their together...Roxas then goes into Sora, same for Namine going into Kairi....

Lenalee:LA let's go.....

LA:Right, Riku says that Sora's still Sora

<Lenalee and Kairi are at the entrance to the portal>

Lenalee and Kairi:Let's go..

Sora and LA:Right..

<suddenly the portal disappears>

LA:Lenalee!!!, we then hear a rumble,'s not over is it.....XEMNAS!!!!!!!

That World of Nothingness appears and Riku manages to jump on a ride with Sora following...LET'S BEAT XEMNAS FOR GOOD STORMIES!!!!!

Nobody Battle: World of Nothingness
World of Nothingness KHII
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *******


Ok here's the deal, your on a ship and your trying to take down pieces of World of Nothingness, first is the tail, use B s to use laser attacks and also use them to hit the Time bomb Nobodies onto the component of the World of Nothingness, use B t to create a barrier to absorb in any lasers fired at you, if a gauge is filled up you can use a Superlaser to take major damage to a component of the World of Nothingness. World of Nothingness after each component is destroyed will cast several sigil lasers onto you move in a circular manner to dodge it, the World of Nothingness has 5 components, the tail, 2 "containers" and 2 wings. Take them down...and well....

YES defeated....wait no.....NO!!!!

Nobody Battle: World of Nothingness
World of Nothingness KHIIArmoredXemnas
HP: ???, 1000
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ****


The World of Nothingness upgraded with added shield functions, so has Xemnas...errrr....TIME TO FIGHT XEMNAS!!!!!!!<LA rages>. LET'S GO!. Firstly his attacks on the World of Nothingness head, are his normal sword swing and guard. Just attack and dodge his attacks, after some of his HP is gone, well...he'll blow you away..literally. There glide to a black and blueish building floating there press B t twice to crack the World of Nothingness shield. Then glide back to Xemnas and attack him like normal. At the third "blow away", he'll automatically start shooting sigil laser at you just float down, then repeat the building throw onto World of Nothingness shield to destroy it. After that well...bash 'em till he's down for the count..

Still not dead yet Xemnas....ehhh...he takes us to the Realm of Nothingness and then makes a speech to Sora and Riku about being "eternal" Sora and Riku says that he'll never be eternal, there...THE FINAL BATTLE!!!!!!!!...

Final Battle: Xemnas
Xemnas Final Form
HP: 1500
Difficulty: HARD
Fun Rating: **


Here it is THE Final Boss of Kingdom Hearts II, let's bring Xemnas to an end!!!!. Firstly he'll launch Sora to up and start attacking Sora, use B t to defend and try and attack him press B t to defend his attacks, if by any chance you fall, he'll start to create white thorns to attack you with, use B t to reverse nearer to Xemnas and attack, however Xemnas has a copy to trick you and if you attack the copy the real Xemnas will attack you. Xemnas prones to teleport alot in this battle, just be careful. When his HP is lowered to a point he'll start firing barrage of red shots at you dodge your way through them, as defending them is useless(except the circular red shots attack). Use Riku's Dark Sheild in times when your getting hit continuously as it can help reduce the amount of damage taken by Xemnas' red continuous shot attack. At a certain point when Xemnas HP is low, he'll start draining Sora's HP away and this is when your in control of Riku, use Dark Aura to stun the copy mash B t until the copy is far away then once getting to Xemnas and Sora press B t to free Xemnas and damage him, from there he'll repeat his launching technique, repeating his normal attack pattern as well. When his HP reaches near 0, he'll do his desperation attack, he summon barrages of barrages of red shot, just simply mash B x and B t to defend, after that you see a cool cinematic action scene, then with Xemnas completely stunned use a Thundaga to finish him off....

Down you go...Xemnas goodbye!, Hooray we did it!...ohh gotta be kidding me...hordes of Nobodies, great, however Riku destroys them just like that, but now Riku at his limit, Sora then helps him up and then they just walk, until....

What wasn't this at the start of the game?....Sora and Riku rest up there and then they have a little chat about themselves....until...

Riku picks a bottle and gives it to Sora, Sora then reads.....<LA:gasps> Kairi's LETTER!!?!?!? Sora reads the letter, light appears...the Door to Light. Sora and Riku go through it and then then......

Lenalee:Your home...

LA:No...Sora and Riku make it back to Destiny Islands with Kairi welcoming them back.....then Mickey, Donald and Goofy as well. Sora then says that their home, and then we see Roxas and Namine within Sora and Kairi. Sora then takes Kairi's hand and also gives back Kairi's charm.......

<Credit rolls>

LA:There you go Stormies, you've finished KHII!!!!!, and I'm finally back with Lenalee......

Lenalee:So is this the end?

LA:No..we still got the Sidequestin' to do, uhhh...I'll miss you Lenalee

Lenalee:Ohhh...LA, See ya soon!

<LA weeps then...>

LA:What!!?!? </stunned>

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