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LA:now time to get to the castle...firstly Lenalee you've been the best guest so far!

Lenalee:Thank You LA....anyways Stormies SAVE then head out!


LA:Aye! go through the streets and follow the passage, also the there's treasure around the corners of the streets, they glow blue at times, one note, now the streets are filled with Heartless...kill or not, your choice.....

Lenalee:Upon going through a certain street well....I don't know?..LA?

LA:Hmmmm a hooded man stopping Sora, and then he has an intense fight with him...and then Sora beats him..and the opponent is.....Rox Rox Roxas????....Huh?

Lenalee:After the fight, we get taken back to where we are....Goofy and Donald doesn't know what had happened except for Sora disappearing..hmmm odd.

LA:Really is Lenalee...we get Secret Ansem's Report 8..grab any treasure there and then carry on to the next heading left.

Lenalee:There we see a dead end, huh Kairi?...Saix has a little talk with Kairi, Saix then leaves and then a portal opens up....huh?.....

LA:Sora then opens a doorway to the castle......nice now grab any treasure there then SAVE, now time to go to the Castle that Never Was!!!

Nothings call KHII

LA:Hmm there are alot of strong Nobodies here, so be careful, after going through Nothing's Call, well Mickey leaves to check out the stronghold, in another scene both Kairi and Namine run for it until Saix appears...urghhhh, ehhh...Riku, I knew it....WHAT THE!?!?!. Crooked Ascension will sorta block your path, wait for the barrier to go away or just beat up the Dragoons in the way. Now Twilight's View is a resting area, stock up on Potion, Hi-Potions etc, grab the treasure chests and then SAVE, then go through the next area...

Hall of Empty Melodies

Lenalee:Upon going through a bit of the Hall's of Empty Melodies.....well a lot unfolds..LA help?

LA:I'll be happy to Lenalee!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥...ok here goes......Saix appears and talks about Kairi..and now Sora's useless to the Organization.....ok?. Ohh you gotta be kidding me....Kairi sees Sora and well also gets attacked by Heartless and eh!?!?....Kairi gets a keyblade, and eh does a good job of killing some heartless.....and now more stuff..Maleficent and Pete appears and talks about acquiring the castle...ehhhh....too much in too little time........Eh? it's DiZ!!!...ANSEM THE WISE!?!?!.....Ansem the Wise then talks about "revenge" and Riku..hmmmm..interesting...WHAT THE!?!?!..gun-shots...Roxas??....ohhh crud......

Organization Battle: Xigbar
HP: 1300
Difficulty: HARD
Fun Rating: ***


Ok firstly, Xigbar here will teleport to the top of the balcony and try to hit you, when he's on your scope press B t to deflect it 3 TIMES, then he'll leave the balcony. Upon getting off the balcony, he'll start firing like crazy, defend and do ONE combo and repeat. At one point he'll teleport Sora and the gang to a disproportionated arena, make your way (while defending) to Xigbar and do ONE combo, if you can try and do one Knocksmash or Donald Flare. At another point, he'll start charging up his sharpshooters to create and ricocheting shot, use B t to deflect it to him, then continue with the "rhythm". Now for his desperation attack, it's a biggy that might get you killed, first he'll start shooting in a circle, then start firing in all direction, then finally launch a barrage AT YOU, get hit by one of them and your history, the best way to dodge is to jump for the all directions shots, as the barrage, circle the little platform for a bit, hopefully you'll be transported back, if so quickly use a Knocksmash or attack him as fast as possible as he will continue to use his desperation attack more frequently.

LA:After his defeat....well, he starts fading away, Donald then directs Sora's attention to Kairi, Ansem the Wise and Mickey then talks about Sora and Riku.

Lenalee:We now get Secret Report 3, ok let's go...follow the door to the next area, then follow the path onwards, the passage also has some is that?

LA:Kingdom Hearts....and Xemnas...Saix appears and talks about his "charade", what's going on...errrrr.

Lenalee:Kairi then talks to Sora then hugs him ooohhh....Riku however decides to leave...but ehhh..Kairi puts Sora straight...Xehanort's Heartless IS Riku.

LA:♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Yep, that's right Lenalee ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and as added bonus

Oblivion KH.

Lenalee: Now time to deal with the Organization, go to the next area. We have a cutscene of Ansem the Wise and Mickey, what?...Kingdom Hearts into data!! way, ok, first SAVE then go to the tombstone on the left (LA:First equip Oblivion before going)

LA:Ok Lenalee your gonna narrate this battle!

Lenalee:What?..I am...ok?..hehe...Riku talks about Mickey and Ansem the Wise until....Sora' companions are gone!?!??!

Organization Battle: Luxord
Luxord KHD
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: *****


Lenalee:Ok so here's the basis of the battle, it's a timed battle in which the "first to run out of time is the loser", when you attack him his time bar also decreases(vice versa). At the start of the battle he'll turn you into a dice, hop away (press from Luxord until your back to normal form. Press B t to destroy his cards then attack him, he'll start casting a spell, don't make him do this otherwise you will be hit multiple times. When he jumps that when you need to attack, however he'll counter with 2 cards. At one point, he'll hide on some cards, find him and release him by using B t, he'll do this 3 times but with more cards each time, be careful some of cards will hurt you if it isn't him. He also has one attack where he'll use his cards to attack you, defend it then attack. A lot in the battle he'll use the spell move however you can counter that by pressing B t to play a game, get to O to stop his time, then you can attack him more. Finally his desperation attack, he'll scatter the cards throughout the arena, dodge his attack then he'll surround you with cards and play the game once again get O for all 4 slots, if you do Luxord's time bar will go to 1, then use Thundaga to finish him off, if you didn't get all 4 slots, you'll be turned into a card and have to attack him until his time bar is gone.

Lenalee:Phew...that was long...

LA:Sorry...hehe...well now Luxord defends Sora however he gets cut down, there he says "How could you...Roxas" way bye bye, we also get Secret Ansme's Report get out of there and SAVE cos the next battle will a one to reckon with.

Lenalee:Stock up on Hi-Potions and Ethers!!

LA:Now I'll take care of this battle M'lady(Lenalee)♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


LA:Ok go through the tombstone on the right....we see Saix and well he says about Roxas coming here in one piece, Donald and Goofy says he's Sora...and well Saix goes.....into battle mode...uhh noo...

Organization Battle: Saix
Saïx KHD
HP: 1500
Difficulty: HARD
Fun Rating: ***


LA:Ok he'll start by going crazy and attack you like crazy, the way to stop his "BERSERK MODE" is to grab his weapon by pressing B t then attack him with his own weapon, there bring forth a Knocksmash or a Donald Flare if needed, once Saix has brings his berserk gauge to full again well you'll need to do that again. His attacks are dangerous as they are continuous attacks, just be careful, if you need a Limit or cure fast, use an Ether. His berserk gauge will increase faster as his HP decrease so do a lot of damage before he goes back into berserk mode His desperation attack ok, it's a biggy, he'll continue to stomp on the area for a while and he'll do it quickly, if you get caught in his final stomp you'll take heaps of damage just be careful. The aim of this battle is timing, and strong attack to beat him, if in trouble use Genie as both healing and attacking (in Valor).

LA:Saix looks to Kingdom Hearts and then he fades......Sora then wonders who this "Roxas" is...urghhh

Lenalee:Let me think Roxas is Sora's Nobody..

LA:YES!!!.....yay!!! LENALEE!!...Riku then talks about Roxas and how he fought him and he lost....Riku says that Roxas left the Organization because of Sora...hmm ok?....We get Secret Ansem's Report 12 as our reward, get out of there then there the door to the next area has opened....SAVE then go through... way...Ansem the Wise....what the thing's gonna way, however Xemnas appears and Ansem the Wise and Xemnas has a little chat....errrrrr.....and then no way..ANSEM THE WISE!!!!!!

LA:.....waa!..Ri-Rik-Riku?...his heart's back!..

Lenalee:What!?........ermmmmm...let's go!

LA:Right now that Riku's here..I suppose it's better..we also get Secret Ansem's Report 11....ok go through the next area (there's treasure here as well so get them if you want).

Lenalee:Now this place has floors appearing just find the blue light around the areas to make them appear and go to the top, also there's Nobodies and Treasure here as well!

LA:Upon going up the area....Heartless, amass of them!....before Sora can do anything Maleficent and Pete appears...ohh god no...however Maleficent wants to get rid of the Heartless and make the castle her own, Pete tries to run for it but Mickey convices him to go and fight the errrr....does that mean their good?..I don't know.....ok go to the next area.....

Lenalee:Go up the steps and there the Millennium Earl Xemnas......

LA:Xemnas and the entire gang has a little chat...until...Huh????...

Organization Battle: Xemnas
Xemnas KHD
HP: 1500
Difficulty: Annoying Medium
Fun Rating: ***


LA:Ok first, he'll cast a spell on you, go to the front of the building and use B t to stop the spell, there select the third B t to damage him, ok he'll do a lot of teleporting so be careful, he does a lot of combos so either do Reflectga to counter then attack him or defend it completely. He can also Guard, in which case attack him after he does it. You can stun him by casting Thundaga but quickly go to him to start a combo, as his HP decreases he'll teleport more often, and do attacks more quickly, spam Reflectga if need and remember to use Hi-Potions or Cure if in low HP. There is also a chance that he'll start the spell move which case you know what to do.....

LA:After Xemnas' defeat Sora gets teleported back...however...

Lenalee:......Xemnas appears and talks about remaking Kingdom Hearts

LA:...but then Sora and the gang says to Xemnas to stop and that he'll never win....and then.....

To be continued

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