Once again no talk for now...let's carry Day 5!!!


Well the gang talks about summer vacation and assignments. Now about rumors.....well now we're Ghostbusters....for an assignment?...well better than my assignments.....hmm hmmm.....good enough for me!!

To the station!!!, and first before departing.

7 Wonders Hunt..and well Olette and Hayner tags along.

Ohh god you guys are doing it again?..wait now Roxas doesn't have his crystal...oooohh no.

After arriving at Sunset Station

and automatically one wonder down....and well let's find the rest!!.

Talk to pence for a map for the rest... simple!

  1. The Friend from Beyond the Wall:Go straight until you meet a closed off section and on the brick wall is the wonder. Game is to get back to the wall easy, just watch out for the balls.
  2. The Moans in the Tunnel:Go to the big entrance near the Wall Wonder. Go through. Now this one is easy...defeat the multi-Vivi's that's all!
  3. The Doppelganger:Noe go to the waterfall back at Sunset Terrace and check it. Defeat your Shadow half...easy.
  4. The Animated Bag:Go to the other section(Sunset Hill), go all the way up and find the bag. This one is also somewhat easy. In my case just mash B t when your on top of it until the gauge is red.

After those well we only have 5 Wonders, well 2 to go!.

A Ghost Train, ok?, just go back to Sunset Hill. From the cutscenes...well rumors again about this train, after sitting well Seifer comes along and then Roxas and Seifer has a confrontation and that ended smoothly, he leaves and wow, THERE IS A GHOST TRAIN!!. To the station!!!.

WHAT WHAT THE!!, the Ghost train disappeared....huh?.

Last Wonder..haunted mansion...LET's GO!!!.

Go down to the Tram Common then find that hole, that will lead up to the Forest and then the Mansion.

Well what's this? Namine on the 2nd floor?. And now Roxas and Namine has a talk in which Namine is hidden.. >_>.

Well no spoilers so watch.....

and for the last wonder well another fake rumor to Pence. Reports done, and then Olette talks about summer vacation. Ok one question...HOW DID THEY GET UP CLOCK TOWER!!!!!.

Another talk with the weird guy and Ansem?.

Restoration at 97%

Final Day

Wow double imaging. The final Day, its a good and bad one.

WHAT THE???. Save up then go through, and meet an old friend. The Dusks and Axel. Axel talks to Roxas about being friends. Well fight ifght fight the ducks again again again....ohh also there is an Assassin, it goes into floors just attack!!!

Axel is frozen and the weird guy says to go to the mansion, ok???.

Now to the mansion!!!, you can defeat the Dusks that appear if you want to.

Now Roxas will finally open the lock to the mansion. And well the cloaked man took care of the Dusks @.@.

Now go to the left side and defeat the Nobodies after that get the treasure chests, oohh forgot equip Championship Belt, ok now... go up the stairway and go to the left door, after that cutscene go to the other side of the stairways and go to the right, after another cutscene well..and secret passage, go through it.

Roxas sees a bunch of computers and now more memories, man does getting memories back really hurt????. From his new memories he goes in a temper tantrum and destorys the weird guys computer. Well now SAVE and go through the door.

Great more Nobodies, defeat them. From this Axel appears and well, now he wants to fight Roxas again. Time to fight!, But wow Roxas dual-wielding, this will be a good fight!!

Nobody Battle: Axel
Axel KHD
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *******


Ok so double the keyblades, double the power and style!!, let's fight!! Watch out for his attacks and use Reaction Commands as much as you want, also there will be a Reaction Command when you lift Axel off the ground. When he goes into the flamewall, just wait then use B t to attack him. Rinse and Repeat..EASY!!

HP increase for a reward!!

Another memory...with Axel, from this well Axel vanishes, but Roxas says he'll be waiting.

Now onto the next door. DONALD!! GOOFY!!!. Ok?, now go get the treasure chest and go through the final door.

Ok so now is no more spoilers, just watch folks!!!

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