Errr...Happy from Fairy Tail?


Happy:Not only that Luigi!

Lucy:It's Lucy!!!!


LA:Errr....anyways..we're back in Hollow Bastion and well...we still got a bit of clean up here....errrr....

Hollow Bastion Logo KHII


LA:Anyways...time to go to Merlin's place...and well Heartless..from Space Paranoids!?!?!?..fight them.

Lucy:I'll get use my keys

Happy:They're useless

Lucy:Like you know

<3 minutes later>


Happy:Told you.


LA:Ummm anyways we go to Merlin's house and well..the MCP is wreaking havoc.....hmmm time to go to Ansem's Computer.... and what the?..Heartless?!?!....hmmm this is a bad situation...Time to go to Ansem's Study! remember right?.



LA:Seems the FF crew are making an MCP Eradication program hmmm guess we got one advantage. Ok SAVE then head for Ansem's Study...

LA:However in the Postern you can talk to the Gullwings.....errrr.....notso good.....well the Gullwings then talks over amongst themselves about Sora's gang lying to them, so they decide to take all of Sora's gang stuff, however the Gullwings then say that they won't do it due to what Leon has told the Gullwings about Sora so....they leave with a little present...Open the treasure.

Gull Wing KHII

LA:Anyways, SAVE then continue on to Ansem's Study....

Happy:Upon reaching Ansem's Study, Sora's gang has a little chat with Squall and Aerith.

Lucy:Huh when did you change clothes?!?!

Happy:For this occasion.


LA:........anyways...Leon asks a favour-

Happy:To come to the I/O Tower, Aerith then says that she'll hold down the fort, Squall however reluctant at first, then accepts then before he leaves... Uppa!

Sleeping Lion KHII

LA:Now time to go into Space Paranoids!

Space Paranoids Logo KHII

Lucy:Why is it so fluorescent?

Happy:Maybe because you llllllllllllllike it!

Lucy:Please don't roll your tongue like that.

LA:URUSAI!!!!, Sora and the gang goes to the Game Grid, press B t.

Happy:Aye, sir!

Lucy:Now a Cid finishes off the program with errrr.... funny results, and a fight!, ermmm I'll watch this time.


Both Lucy and Happy:Aye sir!.

LA:Err..anyways fight the Heartless.

Happy:After that you'll be back in the Pit Cell, Tron and Sora's gang then has a little chat about the to the I/O Tower!!!!

LA:Aye, sir!!, I mean..hmm hmm anyways SAVE then get out of the Pit Cell.

Lucy:And after that find a passage that goes north right?..and when WHEN DID I CHANGE CLOTHES!?!?!.


Happy:Then go right to the I/O Tower Uppa and now more Heartless fight! Once done with the fight go to the Tower!!!, I wished I had fish...



<Happy then starts eating fish>

Lucy:Now we get the eradication program right LA?

LA:Umm what just happened?, anyways yes, now SAVE then umm Lucy mind MC-ing a bit?

Lucy:MEEEEEEEEE...ohh well well YES!


Lucy:What's that look Happy.




Happy:Lucy MC-ing?? *Happy snickers*




Lucy:Now Tron?, gets a new ability from the eradication program, ok now SAVE at the Tower then go straight for some ship.

LA:WHAT WAS THAT??????, though comedic but huh?....

Lucy:Anyways.....<reading through the script>....


.....Ahh upon getting to the ship, we need to get to the other B t...errrr.....and well Heartless appear, defeat them, however there is a gauge, if it becomes full, GAME OVER, so use Tron's Limit or brute strength to beat those Heartless and then you'll be on the other side.

LA:Happy's conscious again...

Lucy:Errr.....and a bit out of it..


Lucy:Anyways...grab all the treasure chests there then SAVE, and prepare for a big fight.

LA:My turn!........we see Sark and well now he wants a fight grea-...what is Happy doing?

300px-Happy%27s_maths.jpg idea.....

Happy:Aye, sir!...fight time!!!!, with a red fish!!!


Somebody and Heartless Battle: Sark with some Strafers
HP: 460, ???
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ******


This is easy, when Sark is using his disk attack use B t to deflect it and hit him, take down the Strafers then aim for Sark, and attack attack attack!!!!, all in all, easy.

Lucy:After Sark is defeated....

Happy:Can I have the red fish now?


Lucy:Tron talks about the MCP and er....that's the MCP????


Happy:What's wrong Lucy?

Lucy:That red beam is the MCP?

Happy:That taaaaasty red beam fish?


Lucy:The MCP talks!?!?!?....


Lucy:You lllllllllllllike it


Happy:Lucy's copying me!!?!??!....LA?

LA:On with the fight, the MCP brings back Sark and makes him huge, 2 against 3 eh?....bring it on.

Somebodies Battle: MCP and giant Sark
HP: 920, ???
Difficulty: Annoying Medium
Fun Rating: *


LA:Firstly the first thing you need to do is takedown Sark's legs, after that hit his head until it is 0, then you can start attacking the walls, once a wall is broken use B t (mash it) however the longer you do mash it and deplete the MCP's health, the MCP will counter in which case stop using B t and escape. At some point the MCP will revive Sark back, in which case, go back to kill him again, once he's stunned repeat the process until the MCP' s health is about half or so. Now at the half-way point, it's not the MCP with a different strategy, it's Sark, start fleeing away from him and he'll conjure up a wall in front of you, use B t to kill him instantly, then again start destroying the walls, the MCP does have one more move, he'll start moving the walls and attacking with beams (within the walls), other than that rinse and repeat and the MCP bytes will be 0.

LA:Down goes the MCP and Sark.......Sora then talks to Tron, until well Tron dives.......oooooohhhhhh....Tron....Back at Ansem's Study, Yuffie says that the Heartless (from Paranoids are gone) and gets an update. Errr...TRON!! serious?.....Tron then talks about the town when it was first built, showers of light appears, and everyone from Hollow Bastion then remembers the town's true name....

Radiant Garden Logo KHII

Happy and Lucy:*wow*.....

LA:Now thank you Happy and Lucy...I think...for being such, ummm wacky and hilarious guests

Happy:Aye, sir!

Lucy:No problem...I suppose....Seeya LA!!

LA:Seeya Fairy Tail Mages!!!!

Now onto that weird sighting about Twilight Town...OooOoOOoOoooh can't wait for the next section cos....LENALEE LEE WILL BE IN THE REMAINING SECTIONS WOOT!...stay tuned!!!!

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