FANDOM developments eh?..anyways let's concentrate on the Pride Lands

Pride Lands Logo KHII

Sora's gang then sees the Hyena's, Sora then says how Simba is, the Hyena's laugh it out..hmmm what going on now?...

Sora then sees SCAR!?!?!...what?, Scar then disappears, hmmm time to check up on Simba, but first go to the right where there is a small cave, go to it and SAVE and switch keyblades to the Decisive Pumpkin. Wait what the?

<LA sees a flying blue cat fly straight past saying "Aye, sir!">

LA:What the?...

<Production staff is conscious again and is baffled>

LA:What the?, A flying blue cat!?! >_>.

<Production staff starts talking>

One Production staff:A blue cat yeah right.


Another Production Staff:Are we hearing things or did LA just said a flying cat?


Another Production Staff:LA must be crazy now..

LA:GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....Urusai!!!!! (うるさい Shut Up!!!!!?).

All the Production Staff:Aye, sir......

LA:Anyways... go to the top of Pride Rock. We have a little talk with Nala about Scar's ghost and well Simba's not doing anything.....Go into the King's Den.

We now have a talk with Simba in person, yeah team up with Simba to defeat Scar's ghost, Simba gets mad but says sorry afterwards.....ok?...Timon and Pumbaa also gives some advice which works.

Time to see Rafiki, remember the cave we went to...go to it. Also we get a new ability Running tackle, this is good!.

Upon meeting Rafiki, Rafiki tells about Scar's ghost, Rafiki then tells us that the hyena's might know the Elephant Graveyard...

Now upon getting to the Elephant Graveyard...the hyena's knows something...let's play Run and go HURT!?!?!?!??!....

LA:Ok here's the deal beat up ever one of the hyena's use your new ability to put them off, use B s then B x to attack way better. Use Magic to weaken them if possible.

Upon the hyena's defeat....well they don't know nothing except...Shenzi says the ghost only appears around afraidy cats....errrr..this isn't good..

Scar&#039;s Ghost

We go back to Pride Rock and well..we tell them...he ran away.....Timon and Pumbaa says that he's back at the Oasis....errrr...back there again.....go there....

Upon meeting Simba again...well he's haunted by Scar's ghost...and then the ghost leaves....he then mops. Sora then gives Simba's resolve by imitating the ghost, which works.....Timon then says about ghosts in the Pride Lands......great.

Simba then fends of the ghost in Pride Rock and well.....ohhh..boy..go to the Savannah..or perhaps go to Rafiki's place to SAVE then go there...

Heartless Battle: Groundshaker
HP: 1424
Difficulty: Medium..and chances of stomping
Fun Rating: *****


You only got Simba for this battle, in which case will help, first the Heartless will try and stomp you press B t until he stops however with that you can counter it and have an attack on it's eye. When the Heartless switches heads, it means time to go on it's back, there you'll need to attack the shaman that's on him, be careful of it's Lightning and Ghost punches. At some point, the shaman will drop you off to the ground in which the process will repeat...another words...rinse and repeat. you get THUNDAGA!!!!...

Good bye...big monstrosity....Simba and the gang has a little chat..Rafiki then talks about the Circle of Life.....Rafiki gets laughing mad.....Sora then leaves...

Ok Stormies this ends this section and errr...did I really see a flying cat?

Happy:Aye sir!!!

To be continued

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