Now errr back to Halloweentown, hope it's still Halloween and all..

Halloween Town Logo KHII

Eh?...what is that?

L:Seems like the Doctor's experiment


LA:Huh?...L what..ohh right your my next guest, so what's the early visit for?

L:Sheesh, Kira can't know I'm here...

LA:Errr...ok? the someone attacks the doctor?!?...Hmmm this is a compelling case.


L:So?...I'll give you this strawberry if I can figure it out.

LA:????..anyways...Sora's gang sees Jack with PRESENTS!!! JACK!!!!.


LA:Your suspicious of him now?

L:Yes, I have to take everyone to account.

LA:*shrugs* anyways...we see Santa and well Santa says that they were only a few that were stolen.

L:Hmmmmm this incident and the one at the beginning seems to be the same case.

LA:Don't ruin the mood, anyways we hear noise from THAT door, go and SAVE then go through the door and then up to the next door.

L:Lock Shock and Barrel..hmmmm

LA:Suspicious of them now?

<In L's mind:If I can deduce I say no LA>

L:Why yes.

LA:Aye.....anyways they say that their not the culprit and well...a fight.

Somebodies Battle: Lock, Shock and Barrel
Lock, Shock, and Barrel KHII
HP: 172 each
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *


LA:Ok here's the deal, beat each of the kids, upon that happens, before they become conscious again put them in the boxes. Easy, but a bit annoying, well that and that their attacks are nothing.

L:After capturing the brats, they say that their not the culprits.

<In L's mind:Hmm though they were the doctor's helpers, seems...wait>

LA:Ok? errr..what now?. Santa and Jack has a little talk until Sally comes in telling that Halloween Town is full of Heartless. Ok back to Halloween Town.

L:SAVE then go to Halloween Town...hrmmmm....

LA:The Heartless?...maybe.

<In LA's mind: *listening to Doubt and Trust*>

<In L's mind:The Heartless couldn't of done it, their too...stupid...>

LA:Ok now upon arriving..errr...heartless with presents?...ok?...DEFEAT THEM! and take back the presents, the Graveyards are hard to beat, as a last resort use Knocksmash.

L:Upon taking back the presents, the Doctor says that his experiment has been stolen...hmmmmmm, Sora and his team interrogate the Doctor for information, there Jack has a brilliant idea.

LA:Time to make fake presents!?!?, for find the place where Lock, Shock and Barrel was, there you'll find an elf, talk to him to get started on the presents.

LA:Now this mini-game is a shooter, in which you need to make 100 presents, the bigger the boxes the more presents made, just knock out the trick trio with your presents as they can be a nuisance.

<In L's mind:Hmmmm..I think I know who the culprit is it's **********>

LA:Ok once the presents are done, talk to Santa for a venue for the trap. Jack then says his plan and something of his personal interest...hmmmm.

L:Are they?......

LA:Seems so...ohhh man.

L:Wait I knew it! was...

<Everyone in unison:THE DOCTOR'S EXPERIMENT!!!!>

Somebody Battle: The Experiment
HP: 1290
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ****


Automatically use Knocksmash on him, afterwards. After taking damage he'll release some of his parts to attack at you, he'll also go into another form, there he'll twirl around, recover quickly then grab the "head" and do the reaction commands, then attack him. When he goes back to his normal form just keep attacking, once he goes to his other form rinse and repeat. In his last bar of HP, well he only has one attack as he only has one body part left, another words ATTACK!

LA:Down goes the Experiment, and hehe...I knew it was the Experiment.

<In L's mind:Yeah...sure>

LA:The gang with talks about the Doctor's experiment, Jack then gets the experience of riding the Santa's slay.

Decisive Pumpkin KHII

LA:Sora then explains the same thing to the Doctor, Sally then explains about the presents

L:Errr.. this melodrama is making me feel weird seeya LA

LA:yeah....seeya L!.

LA:Sally then "gives" Jack her present and well then they dance, Sora then reminisce about Kairi...and the weirdest way...ok?...

Seeya Stormies!!!!!...wait.... developments?, Chip and Dale says there's TWO TWILIGHT TOWNS!?!...hmmmmm...we're not going there yet is the place of Lion's, but we'll get there don't you worry. SEEYA STORMIES!!!!

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