Peddler what did you..........

Iago!?!?.....this ain't good.

Wow, the Peddler's shop has gone *wow* Sora talks to the Peddler about anyone from the Organization, he says no...then...

Aladdin!?!...JAFAR!?!?!.....the PEDDLER?!?!?. Sora and the gang has flashbacks of Jafar..errr...ok?

Iago then spills on where Jafar is...

Jafar is in the desert ruins, alrighty let's go!.

Agrabah Logo KHII

SAVE then go out the door, go to the marketplace then find the big door. From there go to the Bazaar and find the big door to lead you outside.

Oooh a sandstorms blockin' it, Genie then appears and well gets rid of it with comedic results...

Go through....

CARPET!..yes now we can go through these ruins in style.


Now we see Jafar?...defeat the Heartless, after that chase Jafar through the ruins. Upon chasin' 'em more Heartless, beat them up!.

Now some tablet shows up, examine it, it'll show 3 switches that needs to be switched on using magic(you'll know by the colors which one), I suggest going Thunder(yellow one), Blizzard(blue one) then Red one(the closest one to you). Upon switching all of them on, what a time limit, if you did what I said all you need to do is go up and your in the secret door!.

Ermmm..ok anyways now grab the treasures there(one of them is a Torn Page) then SAVE, then go up.

Now where is Jafar...he's not here, IAGO! WHAT DID YOU...great now the ruins are get ruined, time to get on Carpet again.

Ok here's the deal beat the Heartless in your way to progress easy, a bit just watch out for the fallin' building and sandstorms..hehe >_>.

Ok now were back, SAVE then head for the Palace.

Before the Palace you can talk to the Peddler about what really happened, after that go to the Palace.

Jafar and Jasmine has a little talk that gets interrupted by Sora's gang and well Jafar sees Iago, before firing he redirects it to Aladdin however Iago blocks it. Iago has turned over a new leaf, now errr...Jafar gets angry, red smoking gas?...Uhh Ohhh....

Somebody Battle: Genie Jafar
Jafar (Genie) KHII
HP: 840
Difficulty: Annoying Medium
Fun Rating: ***


Now the aim is the head, however before you start hitting the head, hit his chest there, press B t to make him stunned which allows you to hit him alot. Watch out for his twirls as it will hurt. He also has buildings and fireballs and thunderbolts at his disposal to attack at you forgot those and aim for the chest, also he can immobilize you to stop attack him....annoying windbag. Rinse and R- ohh forgot in his last bit of HP, he'll start teleporting you into another realm and firing buildings at you, just last then again aim for the chest then hit the head.

After his defeat, Jafar disappears amidst the red explosion, the lamp also disappears as well, ermmm ok?

Genie then banters about his "new moves", Genie then repairs Agrabah as the same old same old.

On speaking of which...

Wishing Lamp KHII

Iago talks about trying to be reformed and what not. Ohh Genie?..GENIE!.

Now we gotza go...stay tuned Stormies!!

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