Now after the stunt the Production staff did to me, well their at a cold-break for who knows when anyways, time to go to Port Royal again!

Port Royal Logo KHII

Well we landed and already the gang sees trouble, SAVE and buy something for yourself, Goofy or Donald, then go down the stairs.

Sparrow! trouble, typical and err.. what the?, why are those pirates CURSED!?!?!?, TAKE THEM OUT!

aye, I can see we're gonna have to do more cleaning up here, duh!?!.

Well Will getza missing and then they argue over it, uhhh talk go straight and it will take you to the Black Pearl.

Now talk to Jack and go to Isla de Muerta, for a fight, kill or flee your choice.

Uhh? Interceptor?. Will then talks about the chest and then talks about the Organization. Well Liz wants to go to Isla de Muerta however Jacky wants to go back...errrrr.....

Upon going out the door, the Organization who talks British with a one wide vocabulary???, great another Heartless to pound up?.

Heartless Battle: Grim Reaper
HP: 790
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *******


Have fun with this guy, this guy only has one move, use Limits, Drives, magic, combos, the entire lot but just keep your HP in check. Other than that, he's a flat out easy Heartless to beat!

After the fight the Grimy falls however the Organization member arrives and well "parley" us, until he releases and gives some of the medallions to some Nobodies and now we're under attack and well pummels the Interceptor which we were on.

Jack is now cursed also, SAVE then grab that treasure chest for...

Peter Pan KHII

As a summon he's pretty good, deals massive damage, ok go out and follow the passage.

And errr one of those Nobodies!!, get 'em!

Attack him, but also use B t and play a game with him, get O to get some munny. But all in all attack it!

Gambler KHII

Ok so what the Gambler just said now time to search Isla De Muerta and the Ship Graveyard for those 3 remaining medallions. Find them, there is one in Isla de Muerta which is freaky hard, just carry on to the sub sections of Isla de Muerta and you'll find one that's easy, Ohh forgot in Seadrift Keep there is a treasure chest with a good weapon for Donald get that to!

After finding the 4 medallions the gang figures out that the chest is... *drum rolls* in Port Royal, so now, we skip and bit and we reach Port Royal and there is the chest and also Grimy, great. The medallions are put in place and the Grimy turns back to normal yet....Jacky is still not backy, ermmm Goofy says that Jack is cursed from Grimy not the medallions so...errrr......Round 2 anyone?

Heartless Battle: Grim Reaper
HP: 790
Difficulty: Medium ~ Easy
Fun Rating: ****


Ok so here's the deal grab all the medallions and put them in the chest for Grimy to become un-invincible, when he does attack him like crazy, but just like Oogie he becomes invincible again at one point and takes more medallions, the way to take medallions off Grimy is to use magic, go with Thundara to take about 50 off him, attack him to replenish your MP. At the final stretch he'll start by taking all the medallions and doing a massive combo attack, dodge it and heal. Now to get all those medallions, firstly use magic to steal some medallions, then out it in the chest, afterwards Grimy will try and take them, use B t twice to steal a bucket load off him, do this several times until you have all medallions. After that, say hello to death Grim Reaper!!

Now after the fight, the Organization takes Grimy's heart and also disappears, Jack then says there is something that Sora's gang, Will and Liz can do...

Also Secret Ansem's Report 6!

The chest is now in the deep sea, Jack then wants the keyblade, Sora accepts, Jack takes it then the keyblade goes back to Sora. Goofy then says that Jack and Sora are alike.

Will then talks about Jack.......

Ok Stormies until next time!!!

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