Now errr where is the guest?

Tōshirō Hitsugaya:I'm here


<LA in a block of ice:chilling e e e e eh Toshiro?>

Toshiro:Yes, mind if I take over while you unfreeze yourself?

LA:Shhhhuree, ERZA HELP!


Erza:Uhhh...fine, join Fairy Tail already!

LA:I will, I will, just unfreeze me!

Toshiro:While LA is getting unfrozen, let's go to errr... Hueco Mundo no no oh the Underworld?

Olympus Coliseum Logo KHII

Toshiro:Sora's gang search and sees nothing except for a Coliseum, then some guy oh Auron comes along and talks about this Underdrome, Auron then leaves. Sora's gang then has a talk with Herc, then Hades?, more like Sousk- anyways he banters about the Hades Cup?.

LA:Cold *shivers*

Toshiro:After the talk with Pain and Panic errr SAVE then talk to Pain(the red one), for some battles, seriously those Heartless right? those Heartless fights are easy!, go through all 2 matches and somehow Sora's gang along with Herc are in the finals and faces Auron?, the guy in red right?

LA:It's cold Erza and Toshiro

Toshiro:You'll be fine anyways from your notes LA it seems he's not as he seems right?


Toshiro:Hmmmm, SAVE then go to the blue door. Now what's this?, Hades is controlling Auron by some doll?, pitiful Hades, Stormies press B t on Auron then he leaves, Sora and Herc talks about the doll then Hades appears and talks some more, ok , ok now time to go to Hades' Chamber with some Heartless' in the way.

LA:Yep your right Toshiro, still cold....

Toshiro:Upon getting to Hades' Chamber Sora and the gang touches Auron's doll and some memories of him pops up, and well now Dusks appear, fight them.

LA:*shivers*, nearly out

Toshiro:Good now Sora's gang is now back and with Auron's doll, go to Pain to go to the Underdrome, but first SAVE.

LA:Finally out, thanks Erza!

Erza:I suppose, I'll be going now.

<Erza leaves>

LA:Ok Toshiro, now Auron and Herc are still fighting until Sora enters the fray and gives Auron his "will" back. Now from this Hades gets angry and well


LA:Sorta, except Hades has a trump card, Meg, trapped going to a dark hole, Yep that's happening, Herc goes to Meg's aid and well now we gotta fight Hades...

Toshiro:Make sure you give Auron all his abilities back!!!!

Somebody Battle: Hades
HP: -
Difficulty: Don't bother just attack
Fun Rating: *


Don't bother just attack

LA:Hades is invincible, great, until Herc shows up with Meg, he talks about being a hero which lights Hades flare and well....

Somebody Battle: Hades
HP: 1230
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *****


This time using Herc's Orb thingies to attack Hades, when he goes red, using those will make him un-invincible, he has the standard attacks, using fire. He teleports alot, just combo attack him when you get the chance or use Goofy's Knocksmash. At one point he (when red) he will create a massive fireball which will cast more fireballs, just use Herc's orby thing to get him back to blue again then start attacking. All in all, he is easy as long as you use Herc's ahh right "Aura Sphere" when he is red and use Limits or Summons if possible.

LA:After the fight, Hades got a little bit of fight left in him until, he falls.....>_>.

LA:After that we have a little talk with Auron which leaves Sora's gang crestfallen, ohh well the bad with the good

Guardian Soul KHII

LA:We then have a talk with Herc and well Sora's gang wants to know whether they are true heroes, Phil doesn;'t answer and runs for it, Herc and Meg however sees it.

LA:And now thank you Toshiro for freezing me!

Toshiro:Ohh Thank- wait I didn't do it

LA:Wait if you didn't

LA:GRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..Production staff?!?!?!?!

Production Staff:Uhh Ohh

LA:Toshiro before you leave, if you will

Toshiro:My pleasure

<Production staff panicking>


LA:Production staff have a cold-break would ya?, Seeya Toshiro, See ya Stormies!!!!

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