Beast's Castle Logo KHII

Now we go to Belle...that right.....that castle....seems like the occasion..

Well hey Beast!! Heartless, no B t

We have a little talk with Beast and in comes event until...great the Organization....event ruined.....

Beast roars...and now we gotta beat some Nobodies....


These Nobodies..the new ones are..a bit hard but no worries, just watch out for their jumps and lance swings.....easy...hopefully..

After the fight..everyone is ok..until Beast runs away..HEY!!...ok? to the ornaments servants or get out the door....

To Beast's the West Stormies....we've been here before!!!!!

Great, Beast is kidding.....and taking it on Belle...cos the rose is angry...and now we're leaving the castle.......he' no.....time to find the rose?? TALK TO BEAST FIRST!!!..well we get more insight to what the rose actually have a therapy session with Beast talk to B t

Sora and the gang "persuade" him to to to..I forgot...anyways...waaa??

Rumbling Rose KHII

and a Map...change formation however you wish(keep Beast though).

NOW SAVE!!!..then go to the entrance hall.

Another chat with "Xaldin", oh wait he wants Kingdom Hearts? Elvis?...but errr...another fight..hop to it!

After the fight, Elvis I mean Xaldin leaves, ok?

SAVE AT THE PARLOR, get rid of any Auto Limits and equip Rumbling Rose(I knew I forgot something), then go to Xaldin.

Now Goofy first sees Belle, then Belle sees them then Belle sees the rose then, she gets kidnapped by Xaldin, great.

Xaldin gives us a hostage confrontation, until Belle hits Xaldin and runs of it >_>.....ok?

Xaldin gets very angry and errrrrr...hope your prepared for the worst cos here it is

Organization Member Battle: ElvisXaldin
Xaldin Action Render KHII
HP: 1155
Difficulty: Medium ~ Hard
Fun Rating: ****


Ok here it is, he is very fast and he will use his attack RELENTLESSLY. When he stops and does a wind-pose just leave him, most of his attack will result in you getting JUMP command, use it to your advantage, also use Goofy's Knocksmash at the start to have an early start in decreasing Xaldin's HP. The best way to 9 * JUMP would be when he starts jumping continuously onto you, just run and jump then press B t alot and boom 9 of them, then once Xaldin done jumping, use IT!!!!. Now when Xaldin's HP is down to his last 2 bars, he will start attacking like crazy, dodge them, then he'll make some dragon and charge his attack, use Reflect to dodge this "Wind-Flare", as it is lethal if your caught in it, it is possible for Xaldin to do this move straight after he has finished it because of the amount of HP you killed off. If possible use Genie to take down his HP, that or Goofy's Knocksmash, just to only thing I don't want you to do when attacking him is to attack him once then forget to connect it, cos if you don't he'll start that entire WInd-Flare attack again.

Ohhh..Xaldin's dying, BYE BYE!

OooooOOOh Secret Ansem's Report 4.

Beast and Belle talks and settle it, then they dance, happily ever after I suppose?

Now Stormies we got the next guest in the next section, woot!, See ya Stormies!

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