Munny, munny, munny, munny, munny

Munny, munny, munny, munny, munny

Some Nobodies got to have it

Some Heartless really need it

Listen to me y'all, do things

Do things, do bad things with it

You wanna do things, do things

Do things, good things with it

Dolmunny bills, yall

Call it lean, mean, mean green

Almighty dolmunny

Give me a 1 munny, brother can you spare a 10 munny?

Munny can drive some people out of their Dream Eaters

No good No good

Munny, munny, munny, munny, munny , MUNNY!

In the boardroom...

Eraqus:Ok so this assignment that the men's and women's group was dismal...Sora, what went wrong?

Sora:Well through this task we did good, more than expected

Eraqus:However you didn't do it to Yen Sid's expectations

Sora:I well...

Eraqus:What happened?

Sora:Well, through the assignment we did, however it seems that Axel and Saix couldn't hit any of the Unversed and from that Axel tried to chase after Roxas.

Axel:Hey what? Eraqus, he's just wrong

Eraqus:On what account? Axel..tell me?

Axel:Though we couldn't attack we did try to "support" Roxas and Sora

Sora:By chasing after Roxas?

Axel:no that's not what I meant!

Eraqus:Ok.....Kairi how was the task?

Kairi:It was ok....everyone helped and we were a team and we held tight.

Eraqus:Though most of your team couldn't fight

Kairi:No Eraqus...we still took out a lot of Unversed.

Eraqus:Hmmm..Terra and Aqua has seen how you took the assignment and talked to the company CEO's...guys?

Terra:Well form the men's team, they said that you took out a lot of damage however with moderate kills, however you guys did do alot of damage back to the Unversed, plus most retreated.

Aqua:From the women's, it was a polar opposite, they did great in kills however they took out heavy casualties.

Eraqus:Ok...Sora who do you think I should fire?


Eraqus:Why is that?

Sora:Cos he had chased down and wasted time in killing more Unversed.

Eraqus:Hmmmm ok..Kairi?..who do you think I should fire?


Eraqus:That's odd because she did pretty well in the kills, do you think Larxene is a strong player?

Kairi:No it's just, she too kept shocking me from time to time.

Eraqus:Ok..Terra you oversaw the men's team, what did they do well?

Terra:Well besides Axel "slacking off" and chasing Roxas their Unversed count was pretty high however the time it took them took longer than expected

Eraqus:Hmm ok Aqua you oversaw the women's group...what did they do well?

Aqua:Well quite the opposite to the men's group, they finished quickly however their Unversed count was just on the mark.

Eraqus:Ok...from what I can tell only one team has won, the other will be the losers and one of you will be eliminated. The winning team is.....


Ok guys again sorry.....the next section will carry on with the actual walkthrough..sorry sorry sorry Stormies

Seeya next time Stormies and the next section will be back to normal!!!!!..BAKA PRODUCTION STAFF TRANSMITTING THE KEYBLADE MASTER APPRENTICE INSTEAD OF GETTING ON WITH THE WALKTHROUGH, I was going to watch that episode <LA GRUMBLES ON>

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