LA:♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!~~

Production Staff:KNOCK IT OFF!!!!! LA!!!!!

LA:I err...well this is a first, I did something ba- baaaa baaaa....hold on a moment Stormies...



<Once again sorry for this inconvenience we will pass through 30 minutes after LA has "punished" the production staff with LA's lecturing and errrr...."attacks">

Production Staff:We're sorry..we're sorry..errr....

<Production Staff all just lay there completely dazed>

LA:Hmm Hmmmmm..ok so where now?...Hollow Bastion!!...again

Hmmmmm where all the darkness started sprouting about...wonder what's wrong now???..More Heartless, More Nobodies..errrr....

Go down if you want to shop and well who's that near the next area? CLOUD!!!


We have a nice talk with him about Sephiroth..after leaving the area we get another talk with Cloud and Aerith hmmmmmmmm..errrr...ok onto Merlin's!!!

Now in the Borough and many to come there is a new Heartless called Bookmaster (put your mouse over the pic!!) Bookmaster KHII, go to Merlin's!!!

So what's the sitch? Eh?..Ansem's't hurt?..what the?..ok to the Castle Postern!!!, But first SAVE!!!

Ok so now Postern, ahhhh!, to the Bailey!.

Eh...... #.# Why are the Gullwings......FAIRIES!!!!

ok now go east....then you'll find a winding passage, there are treasure as well as Heartless around here, find another entrance north of here....

Eh..lookie here..Aerith, THE KING'S WITH LEON!!!! the King coming here...ok where's that computer...but no Riku..figures...OK first grab the treasure chests then SAVE, then go through that door. What the?...62- errr..anyways this place is like a maze, the way to get around is to "hug" the left side completely, you'll be there, if you want treasure?, there all over the place, good luck finding them.

Ok so now this is Ansem's study huh?...until hmmm?..TIFA?!?!?!?...she ain't no guest right Production st-, ohh right your knocked out, anyways...


After Tifa leaves...Leon'll see. Grab the treasure then talk to Leon.

Ohhh a secret entrance....nice...ok now go to the computer...

Ansem's computer...errrr..Sora's your typing awfully fast by merely saying it and typing it?..... and your also bad at computers...errr....errrr...STITCH!?!?!!!!!....not good...ok??..what?..arrest?! datacubes?....what the?..........<LA blinks several times>

Space Paranoids Logo KHII

Techno more..and errrr....Heartless and errrr..who's this?......Sark?..Sharky?? <Sark:Sark!>...crud, we're in cyber-prison????......

Eh?...a computer system...ENCOM eh?. Hollow Bastion OS...hmmm...who are you?..Tron eh?. Well now on to the greetings. Users? mumbo jumbo Sora can't take, man he really does suck at computers.....and errr..DEREZZED?!?!?....

I know what Sora's thinking, ok this is easy to "break" the prison door, just attack and grab the orbs, then use B t to finish it off and open the door. A cutscene with Sharky <Sark:Sark!> and the MCP?..hmm interesting.

Ok looks like Tron's coming with us, ok switch Donald to reserve and plz put any IMPORTANT NEEDED ABILITIES ON EVERYONE, including your reserve. Ok first grab those treasure chests then SAVE, then go to the next area.

Ok now...well just go on ahead really grab the treasure chests, you can't go anywhere except this area right now, then go to the terminal.

Hmm mini-annoying game?....ok here's the deal, find and attack the box that had the red glow, if that happen well the grid will be back on online or something like that, ok now it seems we gotta help Tron in which the gang go back to your cell.

LA:#.@....ok and something more anno-



Excalibur:Listen LA to my-

LA:Gonna stop you right there Ex-

Excalibur:Fool!..everyone must hear it.

LA:GRRRRRrrrrr...EXCALIBUR A BAKA!!!!.....hey Kanda take care of him PLEASE!!!...


Kanda:Hmmm....ok beansprout..

LA:It's LA

Kanda: Mugen activate! Kaichū: Ichigen!!


<Excalibur then gets taken by the Hell Insects>

LA:Thanks Kanda

<Kanda is silent then leaves>

LA:Errr....Ok? ok from that interruption let's carry on, (footnote:This section will now be 3 times as long trust me >_>).....

Ok now back in the Cell, save if you want then go back to the terminal and press B t, then get outta here, ahhh right Tron's help, eh? DTD? mumbo jumbo............and of course a password, ANSEM IS THE USER!?!?!?!?!?, errr awkward ok back we go!.

We get a nice text talk with Leon once we arrive back....and errr..Tifa gets into the conversation and absolutely demolishes Ansem's study. Under the portrait of course....well press B t.....we have a look at the doodle...umm umm DTD!!!!!. <_<

MICKEY!!!!...nice surprise here...errr what's with that garb Mickey?.....Mickey then gives out the password...THE PRINCESSES OF HEART!!!!. Mickey then spills....later...Tron first.

Then Mickey gives Sora a little present Yep that right..yellow and all.

Master Form

Ok now before going to the computer, get that big treasure chest cos it got a ohana summon....


Now to the terminal and help Tron.

Now errr...ok we're transported.....GOOFY! <LA:PRODUCTION STAFF!!!>

Another mini-game, ok here's the deal....the first trial is to defeat the Heartless using the cycle, after that we need to escape from that just follow the passage and destroy the Heartless in the way (I mainly do it by ramming them in)...finally the exit is between two Devastators, after that your home free!.

Ok we're back....and Tron!...Alright Tron's same party formation as SAVE!, then carry on back to the canyon except go to the door on the right this time. Ok now before going to the terminal, go to the Keyblade formation and put Follow the Wind with Master me, now go and activate the terminal.

Ok now we blatantly give out the password to Tron in board bytes then what do you know.....another game...Tron tries to stall this..and well battle time!

Ok here's what I want you to do...first go into Master Form, then use magic to destroy them, due to Follow the Wind your pick up with the orbs needed to freeze the screens is easier so attack and attack then freeze all 3 quickly. It should be easier with this setup.

Tron's function has been restored and...MCP talks about the DTD..until Tron ..well CHANGES THE PASSWORD!. ok now to the Tower, and it seems Tron learned a new ability.

Ok now go east and go straight, ok now get any treasure then go east...ok first grab the treasure chests then SAVE, then go back to the I/O Tower...

Well there's the Hostile Program...Tron then has a talk to the MCP......which leds the Program to barrack us into fighting this bag of bytes....bytes STREET FIGHTING TIME!

Somebody?..huh Battle: Hostile Program
HP: 640
Difficulty: Medium-annoying
Fun Rating: ***


Ok first use Tron's Limit, it'll make the program drop some orbs(well attack attack done to it will). When fully gotten all orbs to the gauge FREEZE him with B t then attack it!. If your Drive Gauge is back...automatically go into Master Form and attack him with Thunder. He does have some annoying attacks such as shifting bombs, lasers and ramming you in, just dodge and try and attack him. The best time to attack and grab the orbs are when he is attacking, weird but true. Finally he has a move when he sorta brings out a laser into the sky, well it RESTORES HIS HP, attack him to stop it. Other than that he just repeats himself. Note:His lasers are lethal when in a combo, don't let him get you hit with it cos it will be a K.O if not stopped.

We spill to Tron about Ansem and he spills about what Ansem did....ermmmm.....well Tron and the gang talks then Tron tells us to go, press B t on the terminal. More talk with Tron and about the password.....we're the passwords!!......

Photon Debugger Photon Debugger KHII

Ok seeya Stormies in the next section and BTW the Production Staff is still knocked out hehehehe

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