LA:♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!~~

I errrr.....sorry about that...I errrr anyways here is our next guest for this section..SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS FROM KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!


Seb:Pleasure is all mine, tea?

LA:I err...sure..ok onto the Pride Lands Stormies!!!!

Seb:Your tea

LA:I err...that was fast?

Seb:Yes with chocolate parfait, Divinity and a 2 layer Marizpan cake.


Seb:Should I continue it My Lord?

LA:Yep go for it SEBBY!!

<LA starts eating Sebs prepared food>

Seb:We see Simba, as a child a canyon I think and then a stampede occurs, Simba runs for dear life, suspenseful music issues, then Simba's father rescues him, his dad goes up and then Mufasa(Simba's Dad)..falls...well it was about that My Lord?

<LA can't talk due to the food inside LA's mouth>

Seb:Anyways...the logo..

Pride Lands Logo KHII

Seb:Now the gang are now animals....and then hyenas appears behind us and now Sora's gang ARE the lunch, they run for it unfortunately get caught until they hear a roar?...Scar?...the hyena's then leave. Goofy then says he got use to it and well? tutorial Goofy?..seems not, ok now SAVE then grab any treasure chests(their the orange treasure pear shaped)

LA:Ok I've finished your delicious food, thanks Sebby!!!

Seb:No Problem my Lord.

LA:Ok so let's do this walkthrough!!

Seb:Yes My Lord.

LA:Ok so after that get outta here for a fight.

<LA stops Sebastian pulling out his forks and knives>

LA:Anyways...Heartless..duh!..but two ok bring it!, they maybe hard, but if you use B t on one of them they will take major damage, and their damage attacks will decrease, then just attack!

We then have a talk with a female lion, then we get intel. Except for what Scar has done...hmmmm. Taking down the King..

Seb:Taking down the Q-...

LA:Anyways.....let's help, let's go to Pride Rock. Ok first grab any treasure chests then find the way out, then find the landscape and find well a big rock, that;s your location. Seb?

Seb:Upon arriving we see Nala and Rafiki, the monkey takes a look at Sora..hmmmmm hush talk....Sora's not the next King...figures, My Lord


Seb:Well now we leave the giant rock, go on get!, until more hyenas...and now Scar?!?! and who's that?...waaaa...GRRRRR

Seb:Seems to be Pete My Lord, however he's as baka as ever.

LA:You got that right.

Seb:Surrounded by Hyenas and now Scar thinks the gang is now prey, RUN!!!!!....

LA:OK now instead of going back to the graveyard, hmmm we need to find Simba! To the Wildebeest Valley!

Seb:It's an easy place, it's next to the Elephant Graveyard no?

LA:Yes, but also Seb why aren't you an animal, cos when Renji was here he took into effect of the wrlds but your still human?

Seb:Ahh that, I'm just one HELL of a butler, so that will merely cancel it out.

LA:I errr...ok?.we get a "Hakuna Matata" scene then a sad scene..errr...just watch....

Seb:Ok now the Wildebeest Valley, we learn Dash, now Dash by using B s and get those treasure then to the next area.

LA:More classic cutscenes from the movie.........and more intel about Simba......hmmmmmm

Seb:Ok now for the next area, same thing, find the path and grab any treasure, as for the Jungle, it's a circular area, but grab the treasure then the exit is on your left.

LA:To the Oasis and now Simba's in trouble by some Heartless, Simba doesn't recognize the gang at first but then YAH!, we got him back????. now more trouble?..Timon and Pumbaa...errrrrr......grab any treasure chest here and SAVE then go out the Oasis. Now this cutscene just watch as it is another classic cutscene from the movie.

Seb:Now time to talk to B t on Simba.

LA:Another classic cutscene from the movie...just watch...


Simba's daddy

Seb:Seems Simba's going back....time for some action?...and er...what's that?

LA:A KEYBLADE NOW?!?!?!...we get Circle of Life Circle of Life KHII

Seb:Now party time, switch Goofy in reserve and equip Circle of Life, and errr... SAVE right

LA:Yes, now time to backtrack all the way to Pride Rock, yeah...that's right...

Seb:Another classic cutscene...just watch.......

LA:Ehhh....Timon and Pumbaa, let's help them!!!

Seb:It's a chaotic fight..use B t to call for Pumbaa, then the Hyenas will bump each other stunning them for a bit, giving you a chance to attack, rinse and repeat, just keep Timon and Pumbaa's damage health at a low by consistently using B t (thus making them bump each other)......finally watch out for their charges and when they jump attack them, their mostly vulnerable at that position.

LA:Wow...a bit repetitive but still good...ok where's Scar?

Seb:In the summit's go! fell, Pete's arrived and unwittingly said his best line in the game, great now we have to fight Scar...Heartless?...Bring IT!!!!

Heartless? Battle: Scar
HP: 915
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: *****


If you have Auto limit, USE IT IMMEDIATELY AT THE START. From there keep your distance but attack him when the opening are there, Scar has magic attacks mostly, Fire, in which he pounces creating fire walls, Thunder where he pounces and creates a thunderstorm, he can use normal claw attack combos on you and he is better agile. Just counter when need to, or use Thunder element to stun him for a bit(doesn't always work!). Dash away from his magic attacks then when he stops his "combo magic" dash back to him and attack(there's a chance of backlash). Finally he has one attack where he causes darkness to make him run around the arena,(he is invincible for this attack), so just Dash away from him until he stops. Sorta Rinse and Repeat....

Well down you go Scar!!!.....and what do you know...a classic cliche ending scene....Yep definitely classic and errr..Mufasa's ghost was the key?...ok another gateway unlocked!!!.....and looks like we gonna leave, Sora' gang says they leaving to Timon and Pumbaa and now Pumbaa rushes out in panic........

LA:We now get an upgrade FIRA!!!!, ok now I gotta say my goodbye to Sebastian, thank you for being such a good guest

Seb:Pleasure was all mine, I'll be back My Lord

LA:Eh..what does that suppose to me-

<Seb flies off>


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