OK the Production staff is still knocked out so there will be no intrusions of the sort...ok let's go!

We see Jack Skellington in the woods and opens up a tree?, then well...falls......

Sora's gang arrives and sees Halloween Town gone well no idea..Zero appears and then just goes into town...well so should we! the?.....Halloween just gone to ChristMaS?!?!??....The gang sees Jack and then Jack introduces himself again to Sora's gang....Jack says that he's off to Christmas Town for Santa's blessing and well.......<LA shivers>...errrr...ok to SALLY!

Halloween Town Logo KHII

Well Finklestein moody as ever..>_>....and Lock, Shock and Barrel....errrr...don't play anything on me....anyways.....The Trick trio leaves the experiment in disaster. Jack then talks to Sally about the "thing". Jack then talks about Santa Claus, Sally talks about something bad going to happen, then Jack appears again and talks..about HEARTLESS!!!!.......Time for a fight..and well Sora goes off in a tangent and says about meeting Santa..ermmm....ok?

Ohh look at that, the production staff is awake now..........<LA:Don't mess up this up!!!!!>

Ok first put Donald in reserve, then swap Blizzard for Thunder. Now SAVE then go out the Lab for some fighting!!!

Heartless!!..with errr..presents?...and Mayor?...really Mayor?.........let's do the Mayor's fighting'??????....

They are really easy, just watch out for the gate, Guillotine and the fountain, just bash em'!!!

Santa Claus needs bodyguards..when I have I heard that be- wait...just now.anyywas..the trick trio and!!!!....ohh crud....ok now to Sandy- I mean Santa Claus!!!

First grab any treasure chest around the town then go to the next area to the find any treasure chests and just go straight.=, just watch out for the tombstones...they fall on you.

Now grab any treasure around the trees then go up to the door....

Jack then talks about how boring Halloween spooks were then talks about Christmas.....hmmmm...still...weird....then Jack opens it then they fall in the cliche

And now here's Christmas Town, SAVE then go on ahead. As we go on to the town...welll..more scripted Heartless Battles...ehh...but this one may be a pinch though, stupid Jack n' not Jack, the toy...errrrr........they have an array of attacks and can hit from to stun them by using the merry-go-around, the rest of the heartless should be easy....afterwards...grab any treasure then go into Santa's house!!!

Santa!!!!......I...err.........just watch.......

Well go through the door, but grab the large treasure first....

Ok?..not- wait a minute....great Maleficent....then the trick trio make their escape.

After them!!!. Ok now go back to Halloween Town, go back to the Graveyard and well follow the Bathtub trial, you'll see them....

Upon finding the trick trio....well guess what...Oogie's back...and he's a bit comatosed.....YAH! <Oogie:Hey!> Anyways....Maleficent left the Trick trio a little toy for them TO USE ON US!!..Boss time!

Heartless? Kids???? Battle: Prison Keeper with added Lock, Shock and Barrel
Prison Keeper
HP: 1140
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


Ok so firstly Prison here will do a power for each prankster,

  • Shock: The Prison Keeper will spin its arms around, rising up and then falling down while spinning around the arena, firing lasers. Its arms glow a dark yellow.- Just attack it from the top of the Hill, it'll come down then just keep attacking...
  • Lock: The Prison Keeper will shoot large fireballs out of its mouth and hands from a distance. During this attack, the Prison Keeper's arms will be red. -Guard the fireballs so it'll be damaged instead then just attack
  • Barrel: The Prison Keeper will use a powerful biting attack on just Sora and slash madly. Its arms glow green.- Hmmm...just Reflect his gnawing then just attack.

When he switches prankster use Inside Combo Reaction Command to leave him stunned and open for attack however you can only do it once every turn of the trick trio, which aren't that much of a threat, then he'll combine all the attacks, my opinon, go into Valor and attack him until his HP is 0, other than that just attack and go up the Hill when he uses the lasers.

After the trick trio's toy is gone...well no death scene for the Prison eh?...anyways they talk about Oogie then the rest finds out.....good one trick trio!....and now Santa's lost, phew Sally, then MALEFICENT!!!....great now Santa is captured....back to Christmas Town!

Upon getting to Santa's House, SAVE then go through the other door...

Well that was kinda matter..we got you Oogie!!!!!

Somebody Battle: Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie KHII
HP: 371
Difficulty: FUN EASY!
Fun Rating: ********


Ok so here it is Oogie will try and attack you with his machine, with a puncher, and presents with Heartless, just throw the boxes to Oogie(using B t, then there's a chance he'll go to another lane, go to the front then choose which way....then repeat the boxes, when he falls...ATTACK HIM!!!...then he'll become invincible and go back to his machine, then uses the conveyor belt to ram you into some spikes..just jump to the front to avoid this!!!, the whole thing repeats but with more attacks such as lightning bolts coming before each boxes that needed thrown and a present bomb...errr...either's fun and pretty easy, if you get the hang of it.

Down you go Oogie!!!!.......Goodbyeeeeee.........Christmas is safe!...and then Jack..well wants a Christmas, Sally then appears and it's clothes?.....Santa then uhhh "lectures" Jack....yap yap yap yap.........ok en- ok en- ENOUGH!!!....

And well..Jack's suit will uhh Sora?..yep another gateway opened!!!.....

Well Santa Claus then gives him his wishes.......ok?......

Well time to go and we get Magnet element YAH!!!..Seeya Str-


<LA gets a note and reads it>

LA:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! news EVA!!!..huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

LA:THE NOTE STROMIES SAYS...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Lenalee Lee from D.Gray Man will also show up in this walkthrough Hooray!!!...oooohhh so excite..ok seeya Stromies for the next installment!!...oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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