Well Renji was a good guest right Stormies....

Ohhh and the production staff is back to normal now!.........

<LA:Can't wait for Tōshirō Hitsugaya!!!>

Hmm Hmm anyways it's just me this time Stormies and now we're going to....the pirates land....Let's go!!..after you go through the Gummi mission..>_>

Once there well...this place is different (probably because it's a movie and people are really detailed here and it's kinda dark here as well)....

Port Royal Logo KHII

Ok first grab any treasure chest you can find (there's 2), then from the magic format, switch out Fire with Reflect element also don't bother with Monochrome Keyblade, trust me, then SAVE!!!

Ok now..waaa..PETE!!! again?..well he talks to the head pirate, Barbossa? ok?...well Pete and Barbossa talks about Sora's keyblade and about the medallions curse????, then the gang shows up. Barbossa then plans out and makes half the pirates get us and half find the medallion?.....

Well what do you know, their invincible!!!, until waaa...the moonlight?...uhhh their skeletony eh?, what's that Pete?. Ok now beat this weak undead pirates!!!!!

Undead Pirate A KHII Undead Pirate B KHII Undead Pirate C KHII

After the defeat well...again Pete flees like a flea?????.......well the gang has a little talk about Heartless, Barbossa and Sora wanting to get on a pirate ship?, ok, moving on, the half of the pirates went to town, let's go!!

OK?, well someone is getting kidnapped and eh?..Orlando Bloom!!, wait......and now Heartless, well TIME TO FIGHT!!!!

After the fight, well the new guy(who's not Orlando but err... ok that's a bit complicated anyways) he says that Sora's got swordsmanship..and well that Will(that's his name) says he wanted to save that girl who was easily kidnapped. Ok so now to the docks right?.

OK the docks, well first go straight and blow up those barrels, that will lead you to another area of the area, beat the foes if you want, around the right side before going to the docks are hidden treasure, find them if you want or just go to the docks.

Well well well..Johnny Depp Jack?.......on a ship, and now we got a cliche movie scene, just watch it Stormies and also it's Captain Jack Sparrow. Note:Ahh almost forgot when using Reflect element use it when an enemy is about to hit you, then it'll counter it and destroy them all, PS:Use Reflect on pirates WHEN THEY ARE LOOKIN' UNDEAD!!!

Ok so now let's save the damsel in distress shall we?. Ok first party change Donald into reserve, next talk to Will to set sail.

Ok another cliche movie scene of Barbossa and Liz (weird bad voice acting probably because it was cliche??? eh...) is it just me or is this entire world cliched up!!...maybe, ok now talk to Jacky to really set sail. Go tot The Black Pearl and now....we fight...great, well after the easy fight, we get a cutscene about Jack's compass...and about Jack wanting the Black Pearl. Ok now Jack devise a plan to get Liz back unfortunately it means Sora and company are left to wait while Will and Jack go get her.....after waiting well, Sora decides to go.....<LA:should have done that ages ago>

Ok? what?. Ohh right the medallion ceremony...OK so now SAVE then go through. Then get the treasure chests then go to the next area. There are Heartless here.....

Great so now Liz and Will run for it, we gotta stall the pirates..FIGHTIN' Time. This is all out time limit fight, fight the pirates until the time goes to 0, you can use the Reaction commands to deal damage without getting hit, just survive (a tip is to get the pirates to the moonlight then unleash a hitting Reaction Command frenzy on them...duh!). Upon finishing we see the signal, time to go!!!...hey wait where's Jack?

Upon coming back to the ship we get a flashback of why Jacky ain't here..once again watch the cliche movie that's what happened.

A Production staff didn't say anything about the flashbac-

<LA hits one of the production staff>

LA:Anyways...we get a map and well LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!!!. Talk to Will and go back to Port Royal! and again there will be foes to beat before going to Port Royal...after the fight well the Will and Liz cliche movie scene with that tearful music...Phawp......anyways well now Jack is now captured and Jack talks about him escaping to Barbossa and then Jack talks about WANTIN' THE PEARL and well now the Pearl is gaining on us. Great, cannon fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirraaaaaaaaaaa!!...Will nearly off deck and..well crud really. Time to protect the medallion. Ok the deal is to defeat the pirates while protecting the medallion, easy right?....

Mimic Master&#039;s Aqua Fake
LegendAqua - I am Master LegendAqua
TALK - Where's Ven?Angel Beats! (LA) 09:04, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
well it will be, ok an easy place within the ship where there is complete moonlight is the top of the deck, go up there then start plummeting those pirates, if one of them hits you hard, it's a chance that the medallion will fall and a pirate getting hold of it, in that case find the pirate, lure him to top of the deck then HIT HIM!!!, ohh one last note, becareful of the cannon fire as getting hit will have a 100% drop of the medallion.

After that fight..well Will tells that he is a "Turner", and demands Liz and Sora's gang to be released..YAH!!!, unfortunately Barbossa has a loophole and calls in the Heartless and now Pete grabs Will and well..chaos, Sora's gang and well as Jack and Liz are tied up and well..THEY'RE GOING TO BLOW UP THE INTERCEPTOR!!!!. Ok so now we're in the brig and we're all tied up, until well Jack unties the ropes, now we gotta get rid of those explosives.

First SAVE then maybe get Donald and Goofy some new weapons, if you got the munny that is, then go up for some UN-explosivenising. It's an easy mission, find the 5 barrels around the ship and throw them off course by using the Reaction Commands. EASY!, just be careful of the Cannon Guns.

After Jacky talks about the Pearl and Barbossa, nnow we're back in Isla de Murta. Jack tells Liz to keep the ship safe etc..same thing he said to us before......OK SAVE then go through, straight mainly...there will be Heartless and Pirates and treasure, just go straight and you;ll find Barbossy...

Well let's do this again....the ceremony again and well Sora's gang crashes the party. Barbossy tells the pirates to attack and well...all gone. we then see Jacky and Barbossy havin' a duel and now he got hit, until, HE GOT A MEDALLION..CHEEKY!!!!, Barbossa then calls Pete in which Pete calls for a Heartless....Time for a duel.....

Somebody and Heartless Battle: Barbossa and Illuminator
Captain BarbossaIlluminator
HP: 612, 26
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: **


Ok first off, don't let Jack's HP go to 0 otherwise it's GAME OVER, Ok now find the Illuminator and take it out(find the yellow eyes), after that fight Barbossa(in moonlight), he'll try and attack Jack at times, DON'T LET HIM DO THIS, instead, either go into Wisdom Form and start dealing damage or use magic to deal the damage or before he fires his gun attack him to deal damage or really when countering, he is a long range hitter and a short melee combo hitter as well, the Illuminator will appear again to repeat the process, Barbossa will also have a combo attack that can be countered with B t, doing that will make him stunned, therefore a chance to attack, and another Reaction Command when near Jack to deal damage to Barbossa and leaving him stunned, using Blizzard is a good idea as it leaves him paralyzed and gives you a chance to attack, just keep it up like that and keep Jacky alive!

Pete flees....AGAIN! and now a climatic cliche finish.....Jack fires at Barbossa then Will lifts the Barbossy is well smelling up daisies....

We get a talk with Jack and Will about what they're going to do next and now Jack has the Pearl, and hehehehe ohh Jack......and Sora's blushing!...the compass...ohh right...Sora's unlock another gateway!!!!

well now we get a good keyblade Follow the Wind Follow the Wind KHII

Ok Stormies guess that's....HEY! Production staff get that medallion back to the chest now, hey don't give it to me!..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

<LA "punishes" the production staff who is fooling around with the medallion and brings the medallion back to the chest>

LA:Errr....sorry Stormies for that......anyways seeya NEXT TIME!!!

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