Upon opening the door...well...welcome to cliche Timeless River, God that intro was cliche.

LA:anyways we're all black and white and Sora and gang talks about deja vu?, then Pete appears!!! he runs for it, anyways waaah..Renji!!!

Renji:What? I'm black and White too!!, I'm not in anime form anymore


LA:No your not your in manga form...weird...

Renji:Hey shutup!!!

LA:I was talking about the world Renji....anyways first grab the two treasure chests near and on the hill then SAVE!!!, then follow where Pete went!!!..ehhh what Renji?

Renji:It seems Tōshirō Hitsugaya wants to join in this walkthrough in a surprise visit.

LA:EH..when is he coming?..I'm a big fan

Renji:Hey what about me?

LA:I to Renji!!

Renji:Ok? umm he'll well as I said a "surprise" visit LA.....but also I don't like me in black and white, it's better for me to revert back to anime form...

LA:I doubt you got choice here Renji, anyways let's continue..

Renji:suppose....ok now find Pete and now time for a fight!!!

Somebody Battle: Pete
HP: 123
Difficulty: SUPER EASY
Fun Rating: *


Ok this fight is simple, just attack and watch out for his charging attack and his slam attack, other than that attack him!!!!

LA:After the fight..well..he doesn't seem like the Pete we know..right? think we Sora's and company made a mistake

<Renji shrugs>

Timeless River Logo KHII

LA:anyways we bring Capt' Pete back to the Cornerstone and waaaa?....what's this? old movie clip? it Donald.....Just watch Stormies!!!!

LA:Hmmmm....It seems well Heartless are in those Movie clip places, Let's take them down!!!!

OK but first going in there, SAVE, also all 4 of these places will have a "Mayhem Gauge" which practically is a time limit to defeat all Heartless before the gauge fills up. Ok here they are....

  • The Building Site, a construction site with a rickety platform and based on the 1933 short Building a Building.- Easiest one, attack and use area magic on the Heartless, if the place starts ricketting, use the Reaction command to take them all out at once(just make sure your near them in order for the damage to be dealt).
  • Lilliput, a tiny town with a big cannon that can be activated by jumping on it. It is from the 1934 short Gulliver Mickey- Another easy one, just watch out for the cannons (however use B t when appropriate or in a last ditch effort to defeat the Heartless, other than that ATTACK!!
  • The Scene of the Fire, a big building with fierce flames that was inspired by the 1930 short The Fire Fighters and the 1935 short Mickey's Fire Brigade- A hard one due to the Hot Rods, take care of the Shadows first then go into Valor Form beating up the Hot Rods, so they don't have a chance to "drive you up".
  • Mickey's House, which shows the inside of Mickey's House, decorated for Christmas, from the 1931 short Mickey's Orphans- An easy one, just attack the Heartless like silly, but when the warping starts, use area magic to take them out quickly...

LA:Hmmm throughout each one of those scenes we got an insight of what happened before Sora's gang appeared.....

Renji:Hmmmmmm..seems so?..........

LA:Ok, so I think I got it, the real Pete is right THERE!!!~!!...after him!!!! the Waterways!!!

Renji:Err..I'll take over...ok we get a Map and now to fight Pete!!!

  • Ok so here's the deal, first Pete will throw items at you, use the reaction command to counter and damage him. Once all his HP is gone he'll go down with his boat to the far side of the waterway, use B t to latch onto the boat then start hitting the cage which holds the Cornerstone, keep it up, (best to do a 3 hit combo, then use B t to latch on again then attack again. If you get off, he'll summon some Heartless..defeat them if you want then Rinse and repeat....EASY!!!

LA:The Cornerstone is safe!!!!....but then Pete runs for it, follow him!!, uhh but before you do...grab the treasures around the waterway then FOLLOW HIM!!!

Renji:Uhhh..ok?...Pete's fighting Pete? he's weird....

Somebody Battle: Pete (The Real Pete)
HP: 784
Difficulty: EASY!
Fun Rating: ********


This is one the "fun" boss battles, trust me, ok he'll first start launching his fireworks on ya, just dodge them then hit him, be careful as he can block and attack afterwards, after a certain damage is dealt well, he does a landscape switch to....THE BURNING BUILDING!!, ok now, just be careful of Pete's blocks, he'll also make the fire droplets attack you, use Past Pete using the About Face Reaction command to knock Pete out, then damage Pete, once again landscape switch, this time it's the House, use Past Pete to knock him out again, other than that be careful of his blocks, again, landscape switch, this time to the Lilliput, be careful of the cannons this time, other than that same thing, finally the final landscape, the building site, just attack him until the scaffolding rickets, from there try and get a Reaction command near Pete and he'll lose major damage (best to go into Valor Form to deal even more damage), keep at it and attack him, or Reaction command swing him until his HP is..well a big fat 0!!!

Reward:Reflect element

Upon defeat, well...he leaves from THE IDENTICAL DOOR, SORA TIME TO LOCK THAT DOOR!!!!

LA:Then Pete talks about the "creep"(Pete), then the Past Pete gives us a reward, to board his!!!!, well it is the past..ya'know?...and Yaa we get a Keyblade!!

Renji:It's ahh Monochrome Monochrome KHII

LA:Yaa the Cornerstone!!, then Donald tries to do something, then Goofy and Sora does the old heave ho back to Disney Castle....

Renji:Upon arriving back, well no thorns!!. Minnie then thanks them and...

LA:Daisy..ohh boy Donald, run away!!!!!

Renji:What what's this?

LA:Sora's opening another gateway!!


LA:We then get Wisdom Form Wisdom Form

Renji:Well it seems I need to go, Rukia Kuchiki is calling me.

LA:Ahh ok, you've been a brilliant guest Renji!!!, SEEYA STORMIES!!!!

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