OK now here's our next special 2 part he is..<drum rolls>..from the anime Bleach!!!..... Kurosaki Ichigo!!!!!!!!!!!..wait your not..Ichigo?

Renji:Well no, I'm Renji Abarai.


LA:Excuse me Renji, I need another talk with my production staff

Renji:Uhh ok?

<LA goes to a dark corner of the studio then attacks the production staff>

LA:Hmm HMMM..ok seems good enough

Renji:What does that mean?

LA:I err...nothing, ahhh any chance I can see your Bankai and use it on the production staff?

Renji:I err...sure


Renji:Bankai.......Cry out, Zabimaru

<ALL the Production staff are in panic>


<Renji uses Zabimaru and uses Hikōtsu Taihō on the production staff and leaves most of them knocked out>

LA:Man, that was awesome!!!!..thank you Renji and no worries Stormies, the production staff will wake up in like 2 sections...maybe....ok let's get this walkthrough on the road!!






LA:Ok Let's go!!

LA:OK we land and Donald and Goofy says something isn't quite right?..then Chip and Dale appears...then hastes us..hmm danger?..ok to the library I suppose, SAVE and change your keyblade to Hero's Crest, also switch out Star Seeker for Hidden Dragon for Valor Form Keyblade format, then go out of the Gummi Hangar.

Disney Castle Logo KHII

Ok first fight the heartless if you want to, otherwise defeat them for leveling purposes, as the Minute Bombs Minute Bomb KHII are easy to defeat, just use Fire, then use the Reaction Command to kill them instantly, grab the treasure chests around the garden, once everything is cleared go through the door, upon going through the door, there will be an overhaul of Shadow Heartless...kill them if you want then just follow the passage, don't bother with the big door, just go straight until you find a smaller door.

Now it seems..well obvious that Queen Minnie summoned us (She said Donald and Goofy's name for Shikai sakes!!! <Renji:Hey? a Shinigami?> <LA:I errr.. no?????>)

Ok so here's the situation, Minnie wants Sora to go to the audience chamber while Donald and Goofy go to everyone else and warn them about the Heartless..ok good plan...I think...

Renji:OK so first uhhh...we SAVE?

LA:Yep! and grab and treasure chests(One would have Torn pages YAH!)

Renji:Right then go out to the hallway again for a little combat mini-game.

LA:Eh...right, you take it Renji!!

Renji:I errr....ok?

Renji:Umm ok from the note it says...... Ok so here's the deal, protect Minnie as Sora and her make their way to the audience chamber, use B t to disperse Heartless out of the way, Minnie will attack Heartless as well, a good strategy is to use B t before a Heartless attacks, then slowly move to the big door, after getting to the big door, press B t for the win.....

......Now opening the big...ahhh small door, go through and what do you know.....

LA:More Heartless, ok now the same deal except use B t waaaaaaaaaaay more, as the ambush is a bit daunting, just keep it up and defeat the Heartless, Finish by the Throne and see somethin' special......

Renji:What?.....less annoying Mod Soul?

LA:Ahh ha that's funny Bleach humor Renji....

LA:Anyways a secret entrance!!!!.........and in the place is well from Queen Minnie has the Cornerstone of Light. Well this place looks....ummm thorny, no doubt Maleficent's doing >_>........duh....and when did Donald and Goofy get here? Well a Maleficent hologram now we need to go to Merlin for some advice, ok Stormies you don't need any book to know where your going next to hurry there!~!~!




LA:We meet Merlin and they have a chat then Donald talks about Maleficent and the Heartless, then Donald just rambles and rambles until Merlin teleports all of them to the Cornerstone.....Merlin brings up a door? gateway to a special world...hmmmm, Merlin talks about finding a door exactly like that one and lock it and gives Merlin one more advice...ok?.....

Renji:Ok so now SAVE then enter the door....

LA:And it seems we ran out of time, seeya next time Stormies and Renji will be staying for the next part!!!!..Seeya Stormies!!!

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