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Ok let's start this hunky dory?, dory?, god i musta drank too much elixirs ohh what?, i'm on?, production team did you just turn on the camera at the moment i started saying dory?, Umm Stormies wait just 2 seconds....

<LA goes violent over the production team>

Well ok, Phew Let's start this!!!

What are these?.......Sora?..Riku?'s all fuzzy, ohh wait......these are just his dreams?, Yes the dreams of Roxas, and he's waking up now!! HUUUUUUUUH??

Twilight Town Logo KHCOM


Ok now, we see..hows that?..oh it's Hayner, Pence and Olette!!!. They talk about Seifer saying that we are thieves Waaaaa?

Anyways Roxas says we should find the real thieves, nice Roxas, now where do we find a criminal?...but weirdly now they can't say ----- Gaaa! i can't say it either!!!, dang thieves!!! Give it back!

Ok let's find the thieves that stole these words.. ------!!!!!!!!!!!

But then Roxas falls.....weird voice huh, then Roxas meets up with the gang ok, now time to move, the game will give you a tutorial..easy

The clerk tells us that we've been bad and to talk to the accessory store..ok...

Talking is easy press B t

Afterwards..the clerk there tells us to go to the next shop Urghhh...

Find a Cat.....right press R1 to lock on and there done...

Afterwards the gang has a little chat.......

We get a gang to gang chat.....then Roxas begs..then what the?....weapons on the not lucky..predictable.

Now time to choose a weapon, choose any but remember that whichever one you pick will change your stats increase and choose carefully!!!

  • Regular club: +1 Attack
  • Club with guard: +1 Defense
  • Staff shaped club: +1 Magic

I always go Magic so let's go with the Staff shaped club, now you get a chance to hit Seifer, no HP decreases!!, so hit him for a bit then the real battle will happen, since this is only a tutorial no infobox, just watch out for his attack then counter and hit him more.

After the battle you see see strange figure, catch him!!

Go through the woods and follow the strange figure..afterwards you find him next to a gate..time to fight

Yet you can't hit him(HIT HIM THOUGH)....

Afterwards another cutscene shows and what? what?...then Roxas' Stuggle weapon turns into a Keyblade? huh?

ok enough talk time to destroy this figure....

His attacks aren't that bad, for an easy kill use B t as much as you can then attack!!!...

After the fight you receive all the stolen items as well as 150 munny YAH!.

Afterwards, wait now more static dreaming?, Restoration at 12% huh?....what is this?...who are u masked man?.....what's going on???


KEEEEYYYYBLADE....... yes Roxas cos it's a blade with key teeth. Simple no?.

Now Roxas begins talking to his gang then they want to go to the beach, unfortunately tickets to the beach costs money.......ok do we have to spell it out?, The gang's broke!!!!. So time to get jobs!!!!!

Ok so first place you'll be is right on the Save point (the thingy swirling around the front of us)...SAVE, afterwards Pence shows up to hurry up!, really Pence?? after all those videos and cutscenes...I think we need to Save ya'know???....

The gang's gone to Market Street, as they leave BAM!...the map for Twilight Town..ok lets go to Market Street then....just follow them (going up the slope)...

Hayner talks to Roxas about going to the finals for Struggle afterwards they talk about tickets for the beach..let's see one cost 900 munny...and there is four of them...also the fact they need to spend something there another 300 each...coming to...a total of 3800 from Accountant Olette it seems....golly.......but then pretzels?..watermelons?....god if they are talking about what to eat they must want to go... >_>

So the ganga's got 1600 munny needing 3200 munny..geez guys can't you of say this while inside the Usual Spot instead out in public...Seifer's group will know they're broke..BIG TIME. Anyways...Hayner leaves saying to have the "dough" and come up to the station when you've got them....ok the jobs start now.....

Ok on the billboard there are 3 B t and choose...

  • Mail Delivery- easy but needs practice to get prefect
  • Cargo Climb- Hard
  • Grandstander-Easy but takes time....

All jobs give you a tutorial so read it and don't be lazy you hear!!!!, most of them gives you about 30 munny each, 50 munny if you do it perfectly!!!

Once getting 200 munny time to go to Hayner in the station.....!!!

Olette then says she has 5000 munny..she been holding out on us...Hayner then says to Roxas they should just spend more time together for the time they've got..Hayner then feints and leaves...

You obtained Olette's Munny Pouch!!!..what the?

Roxas then falls and a cloaked man talks to him...what?...then disappears.....upon going to the station Roxas finds out the cloaked man got Olette's Munny Pouch.....great....The gang says there's no guy.....wierd.....ok so no beach today...

Clock Tower...hmmmm reminds you of certain days right......, anyways...The ganag talks about the non-existent cloaked man then Roxas says.... "Can you feel Sora?" static occurs...

Restoration at 28%....and that's where we leave it folks...also it seems the Production staff didn't screw anything up this time....Good Jo-....Hmm Hmmm seeya Stormies for Day 3!!!!!

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