Ok so here is the remaining members and something about them...however the lazy Research division of the Production Staff...did so and so..either way see your adversaries in the time to come.

Memeber Element Weapon and Number Title
Demyx KHD Water Sitar, IX The Melodious Nocturne
Xaldin Action Render KHII Wind 6 Lances, III The Whirlwind Lancer
Axel Fire Chakrams, VIII The Flurry Dancing of Flames
Xigbar KHII Space 2 Arrowguns, II The Freeshooter
Luxord KHD Time Cards, X The Gambler of Fate
[[File:Saïx_KHII.pngSaix]] Moon Claymore, VII The Luna Divider
Xemnas Render Nothingness Ethereal Blades, I The Superior
Organization XIII KHD

Organization XIII...cut down to half...umm where are the rest?.

See told you..not much intel.......baka Research division...GET MORE INFO!!..well the Division does have a well SPOILERS ALERT!!!!...ok Stormies onto the big thing itself!..actually playing the game...starting from the start....LET'S GO!!!

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