Now in comes the heavy artillery...the Keyblades!!!!..since some of the production staff is off on a break..well the formatting has gone better..ironic ain't it?...anyways have a per-ruse at your soon to be Keyblades........

  • Str = Strength, Mag = Magic
Keyblade Stats and Others
Kingdom Key KH +3 Str and +1 Mag, Defender
Star Seeker KHII +3 Str and +1 Mag, Air Combo Plus
Hidden Dragon KHII +2 Str and +2 Mag, MP Rage
Hero's Crest KHII +4 Str, Air Combo Boost
Monochrome KHII +3 Strh and +2 Mag, Item Boost
Follow the Wind KHII +3 Str and +1 Mag, Draw
Circle of Life KHII +4 Str and +1 Mag, MP Haste
Photon Debugger KHII +3 Str and +2 Mag, Thunder Boost
Rumbling Rose KHII +5 Str, Finishing Plus
Guardian Soul KHII +5 Str and +1 Mag, Reaction Boost
Wishing Lamp KHII +4 Str and +3 Mag, Jackpot
Decisive Pumpkin KHII +6 Str and +1 Mag, Combo Boost
Sleeping Lion KHII +5 Str and +3 Mag, Combo Plus
Bond of Flame KHII +4 Str and +4 Mag, Fire Boost
Oathkeeper KH +3 Str and +3 Mag, Form Boost
Oblivion KH +6 Str and +2 Mag, Drive Boost
Gull Wing KHII +3 Str and +6 Mag, Experience Boost
Sweet Memories KHII Lucky Lucky
Fatal Crest KHII +3 Str and +5 Mag, Berserk Charge
Fenrir KHII +7 Str and +1 Mag, Negative Combo
Ultima Weapon KHII +6 Str and +4 Mag, MP Hastega

All cool ain't they, and soon enough it'll all be ours...if you read my walkthrough(well it's not compulsory but READ IT ANYWAYS!!!)..also this is what you call formatting!!

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