Ok now for a first time ever, LA has made a walkthrough with actual character synopsis, of well the protagonist!!! YAH!!! well in one page PRODUCTION STAFF WAKE THE FINAL FORM UP!!!!!!!!

Final Form

NO GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......ok let's just get to the synopsizing....

Sora (Official) KHII


  • Ok the main protagonist of the lot cos well you control him the most. He's got a strong sense of justice, and a keyblade to boot, and what's more in his Drive Forms, he old his Keyblades yes that's right Key-BLADES, in different ways. His main goal is to find Riku and then soon enough Kairi and get back to Destiny Islands. His companions in this journey are Donald and Goofy!!!



  • Another protagonist..duh!, one of Sora's best friend and well...well we don't see him as much in this game however he does has major impact to the story confused? my walkthrough!. His element is Dark which is odd but still very effective. He's the silent, I gotta do it now matter what types, as an ally some of his attacks has to do with protecting think.......ALL in all a cool dude with a cool Keyblade...



  • Ok our Resident Kingdom Hearts Princess, she's grown up..well alot for 1 year, she has somewhat forgotten a very special someone, searching for him, even writing a letter to him and sending it to the sea...ermmm...that someone is somewhere nowhere near there... :P....Anyways she is a kind-hearted Princess (Like all Princesses), and has a strong sense of justice and cares for her friends.



  • I errr...ok this synopsis is kinda hard what with the spoiler tags everywhere..hey hey hey!!

Ok anyways, a his personality is sorta different from Sora, but has his friends Hayner, Pence and Olette. Hmmm some things are a mystery about and for him, ok that's all from him...baka production staff >_>

Donald KHII


  • The Court Mage and one of Sora's friends and allies. He's in the magic department of things and has a firework of Limit Breaks. Of course his weapon is a staff, however for a mage he's kinda greedy and bit temperamental, but not always Stormies...he cool he cool

Goofy KHII


  • The Knight....errr... and also one of Sora's friends and allies, he's in the attacking department, his limit breaks will well Knock you out and Smash you in a Whirl...if that makes sense, he is well goofy, but is somewhat wise, he's got a Shield as a weapon

Mickey Mouse KHD

~~King Mickey~~

  • The King, mysterious as always....and somehow donned the Organization XIII coat....hmmmm..

LA:Seriously Production staff I just seen this and what the Final For- wait wait....anyways this is all shoddy formatting skills..seriously.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

<Production staff panics> I'll pass this one, but not again you hear Production staff...ok the next section covers the Keyblades...OHohHhOhOHOhOHOOOOoooo~!

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