Ok Sidequesting is it?.....the most boring first....that would be........

Atlantica Logo KHII

Now it seems we kinda......forgot how to swim?....what after a year?.....Geez Sora's gang ain't pre-schoolers right?...ok enough jokes..wait no I HAVE TO MAKE JOKES 'N THIS PLACE!!!!!!........

Now this place...well if you hated High School'll hate this place.....this place has no "proper" fights as's singing...cring to that Stormies....and thank God no guests appear in this section otherwise I would get a lowly Production staff to do it.....also I won't go into any of the cutscene summaries...they to are cringed...........anyways....with more un-pleasantries........our first song....

Swim This Way

The song focuses on the rehearsal for Atlantica's Annual Musical. You must get four "Excellents" in a row to fill up your Music Bar with enough notes to pass the mission.

Swim This Way (Screenshot) KHII

Part of Your World

Is the second Song Mission in Atlantica. It reflects Ariel's feelings about the surface world and for Prince Eric. This song becomes available after Sora and the others move Prince Eric's Stone Statue into Ariel's Grotto by using Magnet.

Part of Your World KHII

Get a consecutive of 20 Excellent to pass..

Under the Sea

This song becomes available after Sora obtains a Drive Gauge level of 5 and talks to Sebastian again in Atlantica.

In the game you have to raise the mermaid icon to the top of the bar. The trick to this segment is that you have to press Square and only press it when it shows Ariel, should it show Sebastian, just let it run and go. If you succeed Ariel is closer to no longer being glum, and the story line continues.

Under the Sea (Screenshot) KHII

Ursula's Revenge

Ursula's Revenge becomes available after Sora obtains Magnera and visits Atlantica again. To pass the Mission, you must be able to take away her gauge (or bring it down to at least 25%).

Ursula's Revenge KHII

To bring down Ursula's gauge, you have to keep pressing the X button when a purple gauge appears, until it runs out. Be careful though; not every gauge is a purple one.

The story will end with Ursula's defeat and Ariel revealing her true identity to Prince Eric. As a reward for passing, you receive the Mysterious Abyss Keyblade.

Mysterious Abyss KHII

A New Day is Dawning

This song is available after Sora obtains Thundaga from the Groundshaker in the Pride Lands and returns and talks to Sebastian. In the mission, you must be able to earn at least 30,000 points to be able to pass and end the story. After the cutscene, Sora obtains an Orichalcum+ and a Blizzard spell upgrade.

A New Day is Dawning Screenshot

well now....thats it for ONTO THE NEXT ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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