Now remember that book with Pooh Bear...well once we get all those Torn Pages...get back into that BOOK!!!!...

100 Acre Wood Logo KHII

Now go to Piglet's flapped opened before......go there....

Piglet's House

Pooh is seen there thinking then talking to Gopher, Windsday?.....hmmm..Pooh's still lost his memories..errrr....Piglet?.

Ok, first grab any treasure chest you see then go near Piglet and press B t. Now Piglet tries to talk to Pooh, however Pooh's lost his memories..ohh bother...and then....Piglet gets swept away time.

Ok this mini-game is easy, just destroy all obstacles in the way and make it all the way to Piglet and rescue Piglet!!!!. Easy.

From this Pooh somehow remembers Piglet...hmmm...but still doesn't remember Sora...errrrr.....

Rabbit's House

Now we're in Rabbit's House and errr..Pooh??...ohh boy Eeyore!...errrr...notso good. We have a chat with Eeyore and Pooh. Pooh doesn't remember Eeyore, however he becomes hungry, Piglet figures that hunny will make him remember....Eeyore however knows where there are some...Go to Pooh. Uhh no...Pooh now umm "borrows" Rabbit's hunny. Pooh however wants more but Rabbit hid time!

This is a fun mini-game, you traverse throughout the "book" to collect hunny, just if Pooh slips use B t to get him back. If Pooh runs out of HP, it's game over so be careful!!!.

After the mini-game, nothing's worked....after getting out of the hole, Pooh remembers Rabbit! and Eeyore!..hmm I see a pattern here.

Kanga's House

Once again..still does not remember Sora, Kanga and Roo tries to help pooh remember until Tigger appears..ohh boy. Grab any treasure then talk to Tigger. Tigger now says that bouncing is the way to get Pooh's memory time...

This mini-game is easy, each balloon drops hunny and increases your score, and the amount of hunny you receive depends on the color and size of the balloon. You have three tries to get as high a score as possible. An attempt is deducted every time you fall back onto the first level trampoline.

After the mini-game, once again..Pooh remembers Tigger but not Sora....errrrrr....what the?...Pooh's memories!!!...errrr...

The Cave

Now everyone from the 100 Acre Wood are now in the caves saying that Pooh's in the cave but their too scared, ok mini-game time already!!!

Ok here's the deal, you must guide the entire bunch through the caves and find Pooh. There are obstacles such as Honey bees(whack 'em), falling rocks(by stopping them at the right time) and slippery ice(if they start to shine, don't cross). If the gauge becomes full, you must calm all of them down and track them(cos they'll run around everywhere). Once you find Pooh press B t.

Pooh then finally remembers Sora!!!!..Yah!..also this..

Sweet Memories KHII

Starry Hill

Final place, and errr..Pooh's stuck, grab any treasure then go up to the hill to save Pooh.

Mini-game, the aim is to swing Pooh from the swings to a MAX distance so that Pooh can break the hunny pot on his head. It's all about the timing and power.

After the mini-game Pooh wants Sora to be with him, Sora says that he'll always be with Pooh in his heart....errrr......everyone in the 100 Acre Wood also promise about it.

As a reward for all those mini-games you get an upgrade on Cure and Orichalcum +..SCORE!!

100 Acre Woods....COMPLETE!!!! to the next sidequest, the mother of all keyblades.......

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