"The story is not over."

Welcome to LegendAqua's (that's me) Kingdom Hearts II walkthrough! This is my second (of many) walkthroughs and many more will be written after this one is completed! You should also know, my readers, that you will hence forth be known as Storms or Stormies, for easy identification.

Now Stormies if you do well know, II is highly revered as one of the best games in PS2 eh?. Unlike some KH games however, anyways hopefully my production staff can handle another walkthrough with me again........


Ok Stormies we got a different control and battle system than BBS, for once you actually got to play as only one character this time, fortunately... some controls are still the same such as B x is still attack, B s is guard, but for Sora running you will be able to do Dodge Roll, using the analog stick of directional buttons are still moving your character around and B t is used to interact with people or items off-battle, pressing B start will open up the main menu or during battle it will pause while you take a nice elixir before you carry one thwarted the he' outta those Heartless!!!

The Good Stuff

Ok onto the good flashy controls now!!!, pressing B t at a certain time when it shows up in your screen hub will allow you to do some flashy animations, such as hurting an enemy the flashiest way possible!!!. You can summon and a new thing called Drive Form which allows you to optimize Sora's battle style!!!!, ain't that cool!!!!!. There are also Summons, however it's less than BBS or KH1...errr.... Ok enough chitty chatty, Let's go Stormies!!!!

Boss Template

'Fun Rating: '''''


This is the template that will be used for Boss fights. The fun rating is a new feature which shows how fun the battle is. The more * there are, the more fun the battle is. The maximum amount of *'s is 10.


First, for all you Storms out there, ahem hem...THE OPENING VIDEO OF KINGDOM HEARTS II


Roxas's Story

Sora's Story

Second Visit



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