Ok Stormies, throughout your travels, you are awarded with nice and snazzy trophies for your trophy cabinet, whenever you do something noteworthy. Here's a list of the trophies you can get in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

Trophy How to get it
One Down Trophy KHBBS
This one is an easy Trophy to get, just finish one characters storyline
Power Walker Trophy KHBBS
To get this trophy you have to take at least 99,999 steps between all the characters
In the Munny Trophy KHBBS
The Munny Maker of the Trophies; get 33,333 munny in total.
Keyslinger Trophy KHBBS
This one is like the assassinator, you have to kill 9999 Unversed between all three characters
Arena Sweeper Trophy KHBBS
This one is a tough one to get and, quiet frankly, it will take a while. Beat all the matches in the Mirage Arena. (You only have to do this with just one character)
Clockwork Trophy KHBBS
This one is LONG!!! Play for 80 hours, in total (between all characters).In the Japanese release, you need to finish the Last Episode in under 80 hours to get this trophy.
Dairy Devotee Trophy KHBBS
An ice creamy treat trophy, use the Frozen Fortune Command Style 30 times with any character (or between all characters)
Trinity Trophy KHBBS
This is the HARDEST trophy. Finish all character's storylines in Proud or Critical Mode and then complete the Last Episode on Proud or Critical.

You need to get all trophies in order to get 100% in the Trinity Archives.

Go get those trophies Stormies!!!

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