Here are the hardest and most annoying bosses you will ever face in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (unless you've got Final Mix, in which they're only half as hard). Prepare to need anger management classes, 'cause it's gonna get berserkin' crazy!!!!

Vanitas Remnant

Unlocking=Finish anyone's storyline, return to the Keyblade Graveyard and there will be a new place for you to visit.

The Badlands. Hmmm, an ominous tone to this already depressing wasteland...

You'll see a symbol on a small spire rock that looks like this...Vanitas Portal

It'll say "That's a danger I'm willing to face", so pick yes to face the challenge or pick no to prepare some more.

If you agree to this dark blob, then you'll see a cutscene which looks familiar to how a certain person was born. This weird, familiar guy brings out his keyblade, which also looks familiar, and now the fight begins!

Unversed Battle: Vanitas Remanant
Vanitas Remnant KHBBS
HP: 200
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: ** for Aqua, **** for Ven and */** for Terra


Ohhhhhhhh, you maybe thinking. 200? You serious? Don't be fooled, Vanitas Remnant is not easy and even though he only has 200 HP, he can still kill you in one hit.

Here are the ability requirements you must have before you even consider facing him: Once More, Second Chance, Leaf Bracer, Damage Syphon, 3 HP Boosts, 3 Item Boosts ,3 Attack Hastes, 3 Magic Hastes, Defender and Renewal Block/Barrier.

Aqua: Ok, using Aqua might take a while. All you need 9 ~ 12 Mega-Potions, and about 2 ~ 3 Seeker Mines. As I said Stormies, this will be a long fight!

You need to lay the mines whenever you get a chance. When he goes into an orb and launches 7 copies of himself, dodge for dear life, as it has a 100% chance of casting blind. Just scatter the mines any chance you get, Remnant will get into the trap and you can attack (only for a little bit or he'll do the past image thing and counter you). In my opinion, as Aqua doesn't have brute strength, using magic will be the way to go and therefore using homing mines is the best way to go. Because Remnant travels all over the arena, he is bound to get hit by the Mines eventually. Don't use Shotlocks, as Remnant will either become invincible or he'll use the past image again. Rinse and repeat this long strategy.....

Ven: Ven may be easier, but you have to be precise. Make sure you have Tornado, Mine square and the rest filled up with Mega-Potions. When Remnant does the combo and before he launches the x wave, go under him, launch a Tornado and get him away from you. Repeat this process and dodge all the rest of his attacks, as there is a chance that if you use Tornado at the wrong time...YOU'RE DEAD!!!

Terra:Make sure you have the ultimate Lv.7 Finish command and 4 Mine Squares and then you fill up the rest with whatever you want (I reccomend Mega-Potions). Make sure you leave Mine Squares and once your Command Gauge is full and get the Finish Command, just launch it and place the meteors on him. Doing this 2 or three times will get him down to at least 1 HP and then all you have to do is launch a Mine Square. If he gets hit, he's dead!!!!!

As a reward they'll all your character will get the Void Gear keyblade. Void Gear (Ventus) KHBBS


Unlocking= Defeat Vanitas Remnant with any character and then go to Land of Departure.

Prerequistes= Make sure you have Renewal Barrier/Block, 4 Thunder Surges MAXed and 2 Curagas.

This guy will make you go berserkin' mad, insane, lunatic-like and immensely depressed. His battle style is like none that I've ever come across before- he's even more horrible than the Terra-Xehanort battle! Anyway, what are we just standing here talking about this jackass annoying guy for? Let's get into the boss battle!!!

Before we do, we see a little cutscene, in which Aqua/Ven/Terra walk over the centre of the arena and Unknown appears! At first he's distorted and transparent, but as he becomes more stable, he lifts up his hand and reveals his weapon. Enough talk, let's slaughter this guy....before he slaughters us!!!!

??? Battle: Unknown
Unknown KHBBS
HP: 999
Fun Rating: This guy is not even fun to fight WHATSOEVER!!!!!


If you leave your controls alone for even 2 seconds, this guy will kill you. He is extremely annoying, so you should have these abilities before you start the fight:Once More, Second Chance, Leaf Bracer, Damage Syphon, 3 HP Boosts, 3 Item Boosts, 3 Attack Hastes, 3 Magic Hastes, Defender and Renewal Block/Barrier. Never fear Stormies, as I have found a way to kill Unknown, using the same strategy for every character. Here goes, Stormies...

As soon as you see Unknown, lock on and throw a Thunder Surge at him. He has one very annoying attack, which involves him launching up, snatching you, dealing damage and if you manage to survive, he will automatically go into a combo, which will very possibly kill you. So, you have to dodge this attack!!! Another attack he uses is called Raging Storm, just dodge this continuously until he stops (DO NOT COUNTER!!!!). He has another attack, in which he sends out multiple balls of light. If you're playing as Aqua or Ven, just guard and heal up, but unfortunately for Terra he cannot guard his back and he WILL GET HIT. If he uses the same attack, there is a chance he'll use the balls of light and make multiple copies of himself. GET RID OF THE COPIES AND DODGE THE BALLS OF LIGHT (or, if you're Aqua just Guard the entire time). Another attack(GOD HE'S GOT A LOT OF ATTACKS), has him launching a tornado. Dodge it, otherwise your commands will be flung out into the arena and you must retrieve them. If you have the chance, spam one or 2 Thunder Surges at him.

At the half way mark, he'll go invisible and for god sakes just keep dodging! If he entwines you in a coil, then press B x for dear life(literally!!!). If he fires a Megaflare and you get hit (you will be inflicted with ignite), CURE!!!!!! Repeat the process of spamming Thunder Surges at the right times and he'll go down.................

As a reward we get to see our old home again and get the flashy keyblade No Name No Name (Terra) KHBBS

Note:Be warned that if you come back to Land of Departure, you will have to face him again.. it is "unknown" hehe why....


Once you've beaten both these guys, with all three of your characters, your Characters section in your Report will get a nice Gold Mickey insignia on it and you will have completed your Keyblade collection!!!

and technically if you got 100% in everything well..... YOU CLOCKED THE GAME CONGRATS!!!!


Hey Stormies.. me LA here.. hope this walkthrough helped alot and hope you beat the crud outta Unversed!!!!!!!....

LA SIGNING off!!!!

<LA to the production staff>

LA:So now we're finished...hmmm what happened to the staff at the bench?

Production staff member:Ummm he's doing BBS with your walkthrough..

LA:Umm how long?

Production Staff member:About 36 hours....

LA:Has he stopped?

Production Staff member:No...he's getting taunted by Excalibur while he's doing it.

LA:???..leave him then, i'll need him soon anyways...

Production Staff member:Uhh so which walkthrough now?

LA:Err.. ohh yeah KHII.

Production staff member:........

LA:What what did i say!!

LA:Don't give me that silent treatment, you guys did all the wrong stuff here, all the delays......the next walkthrough better have a good production ok?

LA:Waa Alphonse?

Production Staff(Dressed as Alphonse):Yes.. now be less angry at the production staff

<LA takes Alphonse's helmet>



LA:OK we're at an agreement......i'll still keep you guys, but don't stuff up next time PLEASE!!

ALL:ERrrrrrrr...OK LA!!!

LA:Wait is camera still on?

Production Staff member:Ohh CRUD!!

<Camera turns off>

Land of Departure | <- Back to the less stressful minigames?

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